Garmin Epix PRO and Fenix 7 PRO Pricing & Model Options Confirmed

garmin fenix 7 epix pro pricingGarmin Epix PRO and Fenix 7 PRO Pricing & Model Options Confirmed

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Only 15 or so months after the launch of the Fenix 7 and Epix 2 we get a new PRO model of each coupled with price rises of over 10% ($100) on the base Fenix 7 PRO models like the 7s, shown below but the base 47mm Epix remains unchanged.

The base model comes in at $799 in either a regular or small size. Variations on that cost more eg $100 more for AMOLED on the Epix but you lose SOLAR, eg $100 more for the larger 7X Pro, eg $100 more for the Sapphire (Solar) lens.

Coinciding with the launch of the new rage we’ve already seen the used market for recent Fenix watches collapsing in some areas and that’s perhaps reflected by what seems to be a $200 discount on the old non-PRO models.

The image above shows the main hardware options. Garmin has also introduced some new strap colours including two-colour silicone straps.

There are quite a few new hardware and software features which I link to below. Most noteworthy from the perspective of the hardware is that the Epix range is made complete by the new sizes yet does not have SOLAR. All models get the flashlight.



The variations in the models’ hardware capabilities seem sensible and easy to understand with pricing to match. The trade-off now is clearly AMOLED vs Solar, Epix vs Fenix.

Garmin has to deal with price rises and increased costs like the rest of us and so a selective 10% hike is not too unreasonable in today’s economy. But try telling that to someone who has not had a pay rise for a couple of years.





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