Garmin Fenix/Epix – new PRO Models Get Improved displays and improved flashlight

Garmin Fenix/Epix – new PRO Models Get Improved displays and improved flashlight

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We will soon see the Epix and Feni PRO models hit the shelves.

We see improvements to the display technology of both Solar and MIP. Alongside that, all Fenix 7 PRO models get a flashlight which has been improved when compared to the earlier LED light on the Fenix 7X.

Q: How has MIP been improved?

Changes to the MIP (old-style) screens are relatively minor and are targeted at better use when indoors. Consequently, the slightly updated MIP technology gives better contrast and better colour saturation than before. The backlight on the PRO models has also been tweaked to improve clarity.

Q: How has Solar been Improved?

Again, changes here are limited and this time is geared toward a more efficient piece of tech. The new Solar charging ring adds an ambient light sensor which helps the watch better manage the screen display (brightness) throughout the day.

Q: How has AMOLED Been Improved?

The AMOLED screen hasn’t been improved as such. However, they are now available in small and large-size Epix PRO models when previously there was only one size available.

Q: What’s new with the LED flashlight?

The new LED is brighter than the one used in the earlier Fenix 7X. It could have been brighter still but the Fenix PRO designers kept it bright enough whilst also focussing on the LED light working to illuminate a decent range close around you plus being sufficiently bright to alert others of your presence for example when running. Of course, the LED is now available on all Fenix 7 & Epix 2 PRO models not just the larger size Fenix 7X.

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23 thoughts on “Garmin Fenix/Epix – new PRO Models Get Improved displays and improved flashlight

  1. The 51mm Epix Pro definately has a flashlight, like the 7X. Its LED based, not just turning the AMOLED white.

      1. “Epix doesn’t get an LED flashlight (yet)” I guess it is ambiguous as it looks like the 51mm Epix Pro Gen 2 does get the LED flashlight, not sure about the 42 and 47mm.

  2. Hello
    At the end of year Apple will launch à New screen microleds. It will be th end of oled screens.
    I think garmin follows quickly this technologie

  3. It leaks like crazy, all over the place. The release seems to be imminent – maybe even today (according to some sources).

  4. I really hope they just don’t call it Pro because of the flashlight and some minor improvements beside software. I’d expect at least an ECG and perhaps a temperature sensor. Otherwise, this would be a very strange upgrade, considering they raised the price and tried to differentiate with software features that could easily be adapted to the existing watches as well. Those few kilobytes for a dial, come on Garmin…

    1. i’m pretty sure you’ll get those features but they are not announced at launch.
      plus, yes, those software features are almost all going to be backported to non-pro

  5. It’s a minor refresh really, hence Pro not Fenix 8. It’s good from F7 users standpoint, but I don’t know why Garmin is so late to LTE and wireless charging party. Personally I don’t need them but they’re losing customers who’d like to have these options.

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