new Garmin Fenix/Epix Map/MAP+ features

garmin fenix 7 epix pro map split screen perimeter metricsGarmin to add SPLIT SCREEN, PERIMETER Metrics and new OVERLAYS

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There are some pretty big and important map changes about to hit the Fenix 7 and Epix 2 versions. There are two broad types of map improvement, one adds various overlays and the second enables a combination of workout METRICS on the map screen. The first improves the usefulness of the map and the latter makes it easier for you to stay on one screen to get all the extra non-map information you want.

These both look like pretty good changes.

SPLIT Screen

This feature first appeared on the Garmin Approach S70 Golf Watch ! where it works well, showing hole stats vs a vertical view of the approach to the green. The screen layout doesn’t translate quite as well to general navigation but it’s not so bad.

Check out the image at the top of the page to see how this looks and I think you’ll agree it doesn’t look great. However, providing the correct context on the map is shown, this is a good way of adding some key metrics to the map screen and keeping both sides of the screen working usefully. I don’t know exactly how this feature is initiated but I would assume and hope that the pre-configured metrics appear and disappear with a tap of the screen. However, if this is how the screen looks all the time then, eesh. (Edit…it’s a Eesh)

This feature will be initially launched on the PRO versions of Epix/Fenix 7 but will be quickly added to the existing Fenix 7 and Epix 2 models. Good!


I like this one.

Up to 6 data fields can be pre-configured and added around the perimeter of the map screen. This looks like it will work well on the larger 51mm versions of Garmin outdoor watches but on the smaller-screened versions like the Fenix 7s, where space is at a premium, the efficacy of this new map screen remains to be proven.

As with the Split Screen, I REALLY hoped that the perimeter metrics appear and disappear with a tap of the screen and have a nice visual transition from one state to the other but they don’t.

This feature will also be launched on the PRO versions of Epix/Fenix 7 but will be quickly added to the existing Fenix 7 and Epix 2 models.

Weather Map Overlays

Temperature, Wind, Cloud and, I assume, rain can each be overlain on your map screen (Edit: wrong assumption it appears to only be on widget views of maps and not during a workout #Strange). The forecast overlays will come from the link to your smartphone and will be as up-to-date as when you last synced. You can’t simultaneously use more than one overlay and I would hope that there is some way to progress through time to view the weather condition at various points in the future.

garmin fenix 7 epix pro map overlays

Those are all free and so is the SHADED RELIEF overlay.

Shaded relief adds shade to the map to better simulate hills. I originally thought this was only available with MAP+ but, nope, it seems you’ll get it as will existing Fenix 7 and Epix 2 owners.

These kinds of features are already available elsewhere for example on Apple Watch apps like MyRADAR.


I covered Outdoor Maps+ earlier this year in March and I believe MAPS+ are already available as a paid-for extra for Fenix 7 and Epix 2. These can also be bought for the PRO versions and add even more detail to the terrain maps as well as satellite imagery…similar to Google Maps on your wrist I suppose!

Take Out

These are just some of the headline features that will feature on the new Fenix 7 PRO and Epix 2 PRO.

There are other features inbound for those watches too but I think you’ll agree that these MAP-related features are a nice step forward and particularly well-suited to the typical Adventure Watch owner.


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  1. cool, especially that ‘MAP’ is now spelled in all caps, make’s it English language wise more beautiful and the writer of course a complete alphabetic idiot

  2. Weather map overlay seems useful, but that´s air quality feature too, which never worked for me on F6Pro neither in F7. It doesn´t work in Czech, Austria, Hungary, Madeira, Tenerife, Fuerteventura… So where the hell it works??? Only in USA?

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