official Fenix 7 PRO and Epix PRO Battery life specs

garmin fenix 7 epix pro battery life

official Fenix 7 PRO and Epix PRO Battery life specs

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Here we have the official battery lives of the upcoming PRO models of Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2.

A quick check against the existing Fenix 7X (non-PRO) shows what seem to be identical levels of battery.

Obviously the new 51mm Epix PRO has a bigger physical battery than the original Epix 2..hence the battery life is improved in that sense.

More New Features Inbound

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12 thoughts on “official Fenix 7 PRO and Epix PRO Battery life specs

  1. Just have to say – you guys are CRUSHING IT with sharing info as you get it (and getting a poop-ton of it).

    Stupid question – only way to get sapphire is to also get solar? Or have you heard of non-solar, sapphire, titanium option?

  2. Same battery life. Huh. I don’t get it. I thought it would likely match or exceed the Enduro 2.

    What makes the hardware more “pro”?

    1. NXP haven’t released an updated version of the i.MX RT500 SOC, so the 7 Pro will be using the same hardware and thus get the same battery life as the old 7.

      The “Pro” moniker comes from the software features like the additional map features, hill scores, voice notes etc. All minor things that you’d normally see in a Fenix mid-cycle refresh.

      1. some of the screens might be better and the elevate too.
        perhaps changes to the power demand are so small its not worth changing the specs or a few things added or tinkered with cancelled each other out?

        anyway. it is what it is…which is pretty good!

    2. I thought pro just meant the collection of internal hardware revises since the original model release including anything new they wished to release, rather than of the new model being “better”.

      1. depends on how you define better.
        all features except those that are hardware dependent and the new watchfaces are being backported to non-pro models afaik.

  3. Wow, with those kind of battery specs on the Epix 2 Pro 51mm, why bother with a fenix 7X

  4. Look at that naming OMG. Fenix 7S, 7, 7X and on the Epix side it’s in millimetres.

    And the Forerunners – let’s just keep increasing the model numbers even thou we just change the screen.

    Got to hand it to Garmin, they have someone very special in the design team thinking up these names. Not confusing at all…

    Thanks for the info. So that confirms the Epix isn’t getting any Solar even the sapphire Solar glass

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