Wahoo Kickr Rollr gets Power-Meter-Free Zwift Access

Wahoo Fitness Kickr Rollr Review Cervelo P5Wahoo Kickr Rollr gets Power-Meter-Free Zwift Access

Wahoo has introduced its latest update to its Kickr Rollr, eliminating the need for a power meter and allowing the trainer to seamlessly connect with popular virtual platforms such as Wahoo RGT and Zwift.

Originally launched in early 2022, the Kickr Rollr undergoes a transformation with this new software update, applicable to all Kickr Rollr models. The update lets virtual platforms extract speed data from the Rollr and translate it into movement within the virtual training environment.

As a result, the Kickr Rollr now offers controlled resistance in level, ERG, and simulated modes, liberating users from the constraints and costs of external power meters, and granting them unrestricted access to the immersive world of indoor cycling.

Distinguished by its unique design, the Kickr Rollr enables a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor cycling, eliminating the need to remove the rear wheel. This convenience is particularly beneficial for households with multiple bikes and individuals venturing into indoor cycling for the first time.

New to Kickr Rollr?

New purchasers of the Kickr Rollr will receive a complimentary trial of Wahoo X, an exclusive subscription granting access to two exceptional indoor cycling applications, Wahoo Systm and RGT.

Wahoo Systm offers a personalized training plan rooted in sports science, tailored to individual goals. Additionally, it provides cross-training workouts and yoga sessions to enhance overall fitness. Meanwhile, Wahoo RGT immerses users in a realistic virtual world, allowing them to traverse renowned cycling routes from across the globe.

Wahoo’s recent business news brings further reassurance to its customers. Chip Hawkins, the company’s founder, has successfully recapitalized the business, securing significant equity support from both existing and new investors with extensive experience in fostering diverse connected fitness and endurance athlete platform enterprises.

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2 thoughts on “Wahoo Kickr Rollr gets Power-Meter-Free Zwift Access

  1. Hi 5K,

    have you tried the feature out yet? would love to know how close to reality we come with this feature


    1. hi
      no i haven’t tried this out and unfortunately, it’s not on my to-do list 🙁 I’ve only recently swapped out ROLLR for kickr 2022/v6 (latest one)

      I wouldn’t have thought there was much complexity to overcome to get this to work from Wahoo’s side.

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