Wahoo RIVAL – 30% off – is a gen 2 inbound?

Wahoo Bolt transition feature with rival Review - 2021's new ELEMNT, V2 buyers
Wahoo RIVAL Discount 30% off

Wahoo Rival Review

You can now buy the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL directly from Wahoo for at least 30% off with it coming in at a bargain £/$/€199.

There are a few other one-off discounts going on right now and these can be for a variety of reasons including offering an incentive for a Father’s Day (US) present. Of course, significantly lower prices like this can signal that the manufacturer and the entire distribution chain want to clear the shelves as a new model is inbound.

Wahoo Rival – The Skinny

I could quite easily be a Wahoo-only triathlete were it not for the wider tech demands of this blog. The company’s bike computers are great if you like the simplicity of use (I do) and the Rival Watch is similarly so. If I were a Wahoo-only triathlete I would only use the Rival in sports as I would prefer the aesthetic and usefulness of the Apple Watch outside of sports and perhaps also as a sleep/recovery tool. The problem for me there is that I object to paying £300/$300 for a sport-only watch even though it does pretty much all I want for triathlon. Anyway, with the price crash today down to GBP199 my price objection goes away for the Stryd footpod.

If you were thinking of getting one. You won’t get a better deal than this, perhaps not even on Black Friday 2023.

Is a Rival Gen 2 Inbound?

The intel I had was that a model was due late in 2022. That clearly didn’t happen. Indeed the various leaks for the original Gen 1 model predated its eventual arrival by a couple of years if I recall correctly.

Wahoo already stated a few months ago that new products were in the offing. So I *DO* expect to see the company release new products (no intel) especially now that the ownership and funding have been cleared up, with CEO Chip Hawkins and a few others buying back the company from the VCs.

If someone told me that Gen 2 was coming in Spring 2024 I could quite happily believe that just as I could believe it if someone else said July this year. There’s little genuine information around about new Wahoo products except as the release date closes in.

My bet would be that we will NOT see a Gen 2 in the short term but that we will see one in the medium, term. I’ll leave you to translate those words into timescales.



Buy Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL by selecting the image below or selecting here: link to wahoofitness.com. Thank you for your support!

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8 thoughts on “Wahoo RIVAL – 30% off – is a gen 2 inbound?

  1. Are you sure about the auto/manual pace calibration from Stryd ?
    Wahoo advertise the opposite on their website? Or am I miss oint your point ?

    Anyway, we’ve discussed the rival on some occasions under other posts on your website, and I’m clearly on the same boat as you.

      1. Anyway, Stryd pairing is still faulty for me, as for some other users. I can’t really get why this ahs not been fixed since…18 months? For a feature put under the lights on Rival product page..It would make me buy (again !) a stryd pod had this been fixed.

        I also find that wahoo put a lots of focus on Rival for some time, on their SM. Let’s hope they’re trying to get some momentum back before launching a successor.

  2. Recently, I found out that the Rival does not receive any software updates since December last year. That is notable, because before that period in time, the device received updates frequently, It might have something to do with Wahoo’s money issues, but not sure.

      1. I emailed Wahoo re the lack of software updates for the Rival. They suggested the watch was still supported and a new firmware update was being worked on.

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