WHOOP Integrates Diet with Correlations from Journal

WHOOP Integrates Diet with Correlations from Journal

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The WHOOP app’s journal looks at numerous ‘tags’ on your lifestyle. It then tries to find correlations with aspects of performance and recovery that it determines from your workouts.

One of these tags could be Vitamin K or Carbs or whatever else and WHOOP may find a correlation to poor sleep/recovery.


This is generally a positive aspect. You might indeed sense that certain aspects of your lifestyle impact your well-being or health in some manner. While having a vague feeling to discuss with your doctor is one thing, having a statistical correlation is another aspect that the doctor will probably consider more seriously, even though you haven’t proven any causal effect.

The Problem

WHOOP’s journal is BIG. There are numerous tags that you can create each day. You don’t have to create any, or you can choose to create only a few. Regardless, you generally need to remember to do it and then actually follow through.

This process requires time and effort, which could potentially be duplicated in other apps.


One Solution – WHOOP Links to Apple Health

The WHOOP app now links with Apple Health and so can automatically pull all the metrics from there into WHOOP. For example, you may use a diet app or food loggers like MyFitnessPal or Cronometer, providing that app is already linked to Apple Health, WHOOP can simply pick up all your diet info from there in the background and process it in the background. Only if something interesting pops up (correlation) will you be alerted.


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    1. thanks Emily,
      the article talked about the data that goes into whoop which i think goes via Health? You (Cronometer) do TAKE the whoop data directly

      I could be wrong on this 🙂 happy to be corrected.

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