new Sigma Rox 12.1 EVO performance bikenav

Sigma Rox 12.1 EVO

Sigma’s new Rox 12.1 EVO performance bike nav closely rivals Garmin in terms of high-level features, a feat only surpassed by Hammerhead. Despite that, outside of mainland Europe, it is unlikely to be seen as a viable option by most cyclists for either performance or navigation.

I mean this as a compliment when I say that Sigma seems to have made an effort to replicate several unique features that distinguish Garmin Edge bike computers. These include eat/drink alerts, crash detection, E-Bike compatibility, structured workouts, and Varia compatibility. Additionally, Sigma seems to have drawn inspiration from the mapping of the Hammerhead Karoo 2, incorporating some visual elements into its own design. This is a positive move since Karoo 2 also surpasses Garmin Edge in terms of aesthetics. Furthermore, Sigma recognized the odd shape of the old Rox 12 (2019) and has now created a more compact and sensible-looking design without compromising the screen size.

From the promotional imagery, the mapping features and onboard navigation appear excellent, and the connectivity to sensors and platforms seems comprehensive. However, Rox 12.1 lacks features like Garmin’s/Wahoo’s ClimbPro, which displays (un)planned ascent profiles as you approach them, and it does not have Garmin’s impressive 3rd party app platform. Only Hammerhead is well-positioned to compete with Garmin there. The only other notable negative was the 14-hour battery life.

Let me know if you would like me to review this. Please note that I currently have no plans to do so as it takes a considerable amount of time, and historically, there has been limited information available on Sigma’s products.

Buy the Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO on the Sigma website at €379.95. (link not affiliated)


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4 thoughts on “new Sigma Rox 12.1 EVO performance bikenav

  1. Having tested the latest update of 12.1 I have to say it is, without a doubt a competitor to both hammerhead and Fermin. Sadly they don’t pay me to write good things as the others two companies tried to. So I won’t go fight against the bias the group pressure most amateur cyclists are experiencing.

    1. wow. i’m impressed that any bike computer company pays for you to write about them. You must be in the mainstream/publication-based media rather than a blogger. AFAIK no-one like me gets paid by those companies…GCN et al…less so.

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