new Polar Ignite 3 titanium

new Polar Ignite 3 titanium

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Polar Ignite 3 is an excellent running, fitness and wellness smartwatch first released in late 2022. Today sees a titanium version and some new features that will soon get shared across a select range of other Polar watches.

the Polar Ignite 3 Review | fitness | one of the best got better

Existing standout features include a beautiful AMOLED screen with Gorilla glass for 24×7 wearability, offering superb quality and awesome colours. The excellent Polar sports features on the watch are further enhanced by a great app. You can explore all of these aspects in the previous review. However, today’s news is the addition of the following features, alongside the new 100% titanium bezel.

  • The Nightly Skin Temperature Sensing feature measures your temperature while you sleep and provides daily updates compared to your 28-day average. Users can interpret this data for health insights, as temperature rises may indicate illness and it helps track heart rate variability and breathing changes. Additionally, women can use temperature insights to better understand their menstrual cycle phase.
  • SleepWisewas initially introduced to support sleep coaching and readiness feedback during the Polar Ignite 3 launch. It’s now available on the device dashboard.
  • The Work-Rest Guide analyzes your heart rate during different phases of training sessions. It helps optimize the impact of your workouts by determining the ideal rest periods between sets. This feature is suitable for resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), aiding in muscle mass development and boosting endurance.

Work Rest Guide In Detail: The algorithm automatically detects the highest heart rate reached during the execution of an exercise set, then performs calculations to determine a suitable recovery heart rate. Once the peak heart rate is recognized, a dotted line representing the targeted recovery heart rate is displayed on the training device along with a real-time heart rate graph. When the user’s heart rate drops to the desired level, a reminder indicating successful recovery appears automatically. After that, the user can decide whether to follow the instructions or not. During next set, the peak heart rate is detected, and a subsequent recovery target is provided regardless of the previous recovery period fulfilment.


Take Out

There is little new to see here. The Work-Rest guide looks like a useful feature and will undoubtedly find its way onto higher-end Polar watches.

TL;DR – A very good watch got a bit better.


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14 thoughts on “new Polar Ignite 3 titanium

      1. I mis read my info from polar which was this: “All new features and improvements in the software will be made available to previous owners of Polar Ignite 3 watches via a 2.0 software update at the launch of the Polar Ignite 3 Titanium on Wednesday 14 June when updating the watch”
        so no guarantees for the watches you mention. in normal times i would say it would certainly be rolled down to those but i would imagine we will see gen 3 of gritX/Vantage and polar sometimes does weird things with not rolling back new software to older version.
        either way, I’ll ask

      2. I dont understand Polar – when you buy Coros vertix, you know it will have lower level watches functions. Same with garmin. But with Polar its lottery – you can spend 599$ on a watch which wont get 299$ watch functions…

      3. Day by day its harder to stay with Polar… (Big Polar fan here).

        Have you got response? Polar on social media is quiet and dont answer

      4. Ok time passes by but no response. I managed to found out that nightly skin temperature is hardware based so no option even for pacer series. Other… they wont answer so 1. There is a big update coming 2. They leave v2/grit pro and other to focus on new watches (because they have only couple new functions, so they have to cut off updates for their flagship models)

  1. The uppdate rollback really depends on the hardware of the older devices.
    M not sure if eg. GXP or VV2 either SPO2 or skin temp sensors, so it may not even be possible to implement in them.

    1. Polar CEO said vantage gen1 is capable of spo2 but they dont see use of it to unlock.
      If you dig info Flow then you can see Polar captures spo2 but dont share this info with you.

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