Wahoo Kickr Core 50% Off – Half Price at REI

Wahoo Kickr Core Price Crash

Lucky indoor cyclists in the USA will be delighted to learn that REI has slashed the price of the Wahoo Kickr CORE by 50%. I expect the discounted price to be commercially supported far beyond REI who seem to be the only one offering the lower price as I write.

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This huge price cut is primarily in response to the ‘launch’ of the now similarly priced Zwift Hub. Although the Zwift Hub is a mere $50 more expensive, it includes a cassette which costs you about $50 to buy for the Kickr Core…so they’re the same price.

What’s the Difference? Which should I buy?

Your choice of training platform ie Zwift vs Wahoo X should not be a factor in your decision, Wahoo works perfectly well on Zwift and has done for many years.

To me, Kickr Core is the standout winner for these reasons

  • Superior accuracy from a superior brand
  • 3 Bluetooth channels (the one channel of the Zwift Hub will eventually cause you problems )
  • Superior response to power/resistance

Simply put. Just don’t buy the Zwift Hub.

Why is this important?

The $500 price tag is very much the entry level for serious cyclists and most of the sales volumes come from here. Wahoo haemorrhaged sales to Zwift when the Hub was released and today’s price match has been inevitable ever since, only delayed awaiting the result of court action and by the successful completion of Wahoo’s re0financing.

But Wahoo’s margins are going to be decimated by this necessary move and I would further contend that the price jump to the next model up, Kickr V6, is now also WAY TOO significant for the relatively small feature additions. The price there has to fall as well. And so falls the house of cards, every other brand will have to follow suit. Garmin/Tacx will be able to handle it but let’s see how the rest fare.

Buy now: Wahoo Kickr Core for $449


Add it to the cart to display the $449.99 price tag


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1 thought on “Wahoo Kickr Core 50% Off – Half Price at REI

  1. Oh, too bad I don’t need a trainer. Just went to check, and sure enough, still there and available to order. They did add $30 to my cart for oversized shipping. The REI site does say $900 all the way until you go to your cart. Think of the nice surprise for those unaware of this sale and were ready to buy it at full price.

    Yes, only reason to get the V6 now would be if you really had too much money in your bank account. Will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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