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Supersapiens gets wellness and activity info from Oura – Why?

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A linkup between two sports or wellness platforms rarely warrants a mention these days however the new link between Oura and Supersapiens struck me as odd at first. But on reflection it was a little bit interesting, at least to me it was!

What links to what? How?

It’s a one-way link here with Oura data going directly to the Supersapiens app.

Some other Supersapiens data comes from Apple Health but that’s not the case with Oura. Oura requires a direct link between the two platforms and these screenshots illustrate how you achieve that from the Supersapiens app.


As you can see above, you can selectively link your sleep, readiness, activity, hr and workout data.

One of the benefits here is that ‘daily events’, like workouts, recorded by Oura would be overlain onto your glucose track to help you determine any interrelationship between the two. I’ll have to check if sleep and 24×7 HR are displayed in quite the same way but I don’t think so based on the following images. It seems that HR/HRV are summarised and displayed separately across your sleep period along with glucose zone information for the entire sleep period.




Oura is one of the best sleep trackers, perhaps even the best commercially available one. It’s also a superior form factor that lends itself more to nightwear than a sports watch.

Oura is far less good at anything to do with athletic endeavours, so I typically wear an Oura ring at night as one of my go-to sleep trackers but never during the day. If you are the same as me then…fill your boots…just link up Oura to send Supersapiens your sleep data and keep your Apple Watch, Wahoo or Garmin sports data intertwined with it. Perfect.

However, if you are using Oura as an activity or sports tracker then you probably don’t consider yourself to be an athlete and so you are probably using Supersapiens as a wellness aid, biohacking tool or even to manage diabetes (even though the product is targetted at sports people I know several who don’t use SS for its ‘correct’ purpose).

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What might you see?

When I look at my glucose at night, I see it occasionally identifies some hypoglycemic events (low blood sugar, below zone). This isn’t good and I’m investigating why but it can be linked to the consumption of some fruits late in the evening like Mango which causes a crash and it might also be linked to alcohol consumption or some other hormonal reason.

I’m not entirely sure what interpretations are valid when looking at rMSSD vs glucose levels.


Q: What do Supersapiens say?

Many athletes, including Lisa Norden and Gustav Iden, note that during increased training loads or during periods of underfueling, their overnight glucose levels can be lower, less variable and the periods of time they spend below 80mg/dL can increase.

This may be a good warning sign for those prone to underfueling their training or may serve as a secondary marker with others such as resting heart rate and HRV to indicate recovery status. This relationship is one that is too early to speculate on, but very exciting and part of the driver for Supersapiens to integrate with Oura.


Take Out

This is interesting to me on two levels.

Firstly what seems to be a wellness feature is added to a definitive sports app to give Supersapiens some interesting new insights. Secondly, it backs up what I already know in that quite a few people are using Supersapiens for wellness/Biohacking rather than some of the more diet–focussed or diabetes management-focusses alternatives – why not? After all, most of them use the same underlying Abbot glucose sensor, it’s just that the Supersapiens app that sits above the sensor is pretty good. Admittedly those people that I know who are not athletes who are using Supersapiens might be using it because I strongly suggested they should (eg my partner and their friends!!) – so it could be a bit of a biased sample that I’m drawing my conclusions from!


Want one? A pretty good deal is shown above and on the right where you can buy two sensors and get one free for Eu150 making the price of a Supersapiens sensor Eu50 each. This is a lower-cost offer compared to any of the larger bulk-buy packs eg The buy 9 sensors and get one free for Eu700 deal works out at Eu70 each… ie Eu20 more expensive.

More Info: supersapiens.com

The Supersapiens Performance Patches have an expiry date so buy with caution from trusted sources like SuperSapiens or athletes you know.

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