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Amazfit’s first sports watch of note was the Stratos from 2017. At the time I was superficially blown away by the market-leading level of features. Most of them kinda-worked but not convincingly enough to make me eventually conclude that the brand was made of smoke and mirrors. My opinion of some of the other cheaper brands suffered a similar fate…I just wasn’t prepared to waste my time despite the watch almost being given away at just over GBP100.

Then came Coros who started to innovate beyond what Garmin had brought to market and put all its new sports features inside very well-made shells. Coros did and do still make competent watches but the plaform that supports it also needs work.

Is the same true of Amafit? The new Cheetah sports watch and larger Cheetah Pro seem to have all of Garmin’s key sports features from VO2max and training load, to track mode to sleep stages.

Even the offline maps look great, at least on the company’s renders.


The brand also claims to offer an AI-power running coach. It probably won’t be true AI but why let that spoil a good PR line? Let’s just call it sophisticated.


Amazfit Cheetah Pro – Specifications Highlights

Battery life is a creditable 26 hours with full dual-frequency accuracy increasing to 44 hours with an intelligent precision mode which only enables dual frequency when needed, and up to a further 54 hours in battery saving GPS mode.

The display size of the touchscreen for the PRO model is a whopping 1.45″ (480x480px @331ppi) and the weight is featherlight at 34g, excluding the strap.

Sports Features

Advanced Running Support

  • Zepp Coach™ Running Coach
  • Track Run mode
  • Smart trajectory correction
  • Virtual pacer
  • Race achievement predictions

Connection to Peripheral Workout Devices

  • Heart rate belt
  • Cycling power meter25

Template Creation

  • Training templates (via the Zepp App)
  • Interval training (via the watch)

Running Convenience

  • Live broadcast of sports data
  • Sports data stays on-screen
  • Conditional pause
  • Button mode
  • Quick-start watch face icon

Sync to 3rd PartyFitness Apps

  • adidas Running
  • Strava
  • Komoot
  • Relive
  • Google Fit
  • Apple Health

Smart Recognition of 156 Sports Modes

  • 25 strength training movements
  • 8 sports movements

Workout Status

  • PeakBeats™


24hr Monitoring

  • Heart rate
  • Blood-oxygen saturation
  • Stress level

Manual Measurement

  • Heart rate
  • Blood-oxygen saturation
  • Stress level
  • Test 4 Metrics in 1 Tap (including Breathing rate)

Sleep Quality Monitoring

  • Sleep stages (including REM)
  • Daytime naps
  • Sleep schedule
  • Sleep breathing quality
  • Sleep score

Breathing Exercise

  • Supported

Health Reminders

  • Abnormally high & low heart rate
  • Low blood-oxygen
  • High-stress level
  • Prompts to perform stress-reducing breathing exercises
  • Altitude prompts for blood-oxygen test

Other Health Features

Take Out

If you want a sports watch for a great price (£230 or £300 for the Pro) that packs all the features on paper then this is the one for you.

If you want one that works properly then you’re going to have to go one better than me and fork out some of your hard-earned cash and hope for the best.

Or just buy a Coros Pace 2 for less. It’s proven to work well but perhaps doesn’t look quite as nice. If you want a pretty watch with an Apple-like crown then try the Coros Apex 2 Pro

More: Amazfit on amazon



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7 thoughts on “Amazfit Cheetah Pro

  1. I remember your Stratos review and that was how I came by this site originally – I still think it is your best review and you put some obvious effort into it. Like you I concluded s lot of stuff didnt work well. It would also crash a lot and the optical HR was dire. Still incredible value for money and the screen was far better than the Fenix 5+ which was around at the time and you has music and navigation and could pair sensors too, none of which Fitbit were doing. I moved to Garmin when John Lewis were doing cheap Fenix 5 models and the Stratos went in a drawer. But its decent enough and not everyone needs or wants a Garmin. Hauwai are the new Amazfit potential wise. – the GT Runner is stupidly good, its basically playing at the Forerunner 265 level.

    1. yes that was a vast amount of work for very little reward.
      some people want different kinds of reviews and not necessarily the long ones. I’ve done similar ones for edge 530, fenix 5/6 and others. they are hard to write in the sense that old content needs to be duplicated in order to be ‘complete’…that’s very time-consuming and a bit boring! there are other clever techy ways to link to old content en masse but it doesn’t always work, (OpenMap)

    2. Huawei is way better than Xiaomi in terms of tracking accuracy and build quality. Trueseen 4.0 and 5.0 are the world’s most accurate OHR sensors after Apple. Here is my ranking for heart rate accuracy;

      1) Apple
      2) Huawei
      3) Polar – Garmin

      I used 8 different models of Garmin in the past; from Vivosmart HR to Fenix 7. And also i used many other brands too. Huawei Watch GT 3 had superb HR accuracy, even in my strength training excercise, it was the most accurate one with Apple Watch. Garmin is still behind Huawei in terms of accuracy.

      Xiamoi’s optical sensor = garbage.

      1. Yes, Huawei has a very reliable optical HRM BUT,
        It worth nothing if you can’t export the data.

  2. Very organized comparison. You have highlighted features and benefits in key points which is very helpful for new comer buying smartwatches. Specially, Sync to 3rd Party Apps list was very useful info.

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