new Garmin sports features inbound

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Garmin sports features inbound

We have some news of some incoming new sports features for Garmin that should hit our watches/Edges in July/August. These all appear to be notable tweaks to existing features, let’s start with the changes to Course Climbs (not ClimbPro)

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Course Climbs

We had the ClimbPro Freeride a few weeks back that popped up the climbPro screens when you were NOT following a calculated route. This time climbs are being more carefully treated and handled when creating courses.

Wahoo Summit Freeride/Live – Some Rides & An Opinion

Here’s how it should work.

While you create a course, a new filter can be applied to the map to only show climb categories that match criteria of interest to you. The map highlights clickable climbs where you can tap and see more accurate and more detailed information about the climb – presumably grade, distance and total ascent. You can then route over that climb.  Simple. Useful.


Watch Complication Tweaks

Some watch face complications can now be tapped multiple times to scroll through data items

Thoughts: This could be a nice space saver for watch face real estate but I suspect that there will be quite severe limitations on the data elements eg you wont to be able to tap from VO2max to weather, but you probably will be able to scroll through the different constituents of weather (wind, rain, temp, etc)


Set Watch Alarms/Reminders from Connect

Well, the new feature will pretty much do as that title says and this may be an expansion of some existing capabilities on some watches (see comment below)

The alarm facility on Apple’s iOS saves previously set alarm times and adds numerous other niceties. The fact that Garmin is having to reinvent this within Connect shows just how difficult it is for the company to keep up with Apple/Apple Watch on the smart feature side of things.


Strength/Gym Workout Selections by Advanced Filtering

I’m toying with the idea of doing a Hyrox later this year so this new feature tickled my fancy.

It seems that workout selection will be improved by only showing those that match your filtered preferences. You should be able to show all workouts tagged to belong to any of these: All Arm Muscles, All Back Muscles, All Core Muscles, All Exercises, All Hip Muscles, All Leg Muscles, All Primary Muscles, and All Upper Body Muscles.

there will probably also be another filter that shows the workout filter for a specific piece of equipment, namely: Ankle Weight, Band, Barbell, Battle Rope, Bench, Bike, Bosu Ball, Box, Cable Machine, Dumbbell, EZ Bar, Foam Roller, Jump Rope, Kettlebell, Machine, Medicine Ball, Other, Plate, Pull-up Bar, Rings, Rope, Sandbag, Sled, Sliding Disc, Smith Machine, Squat Rack, Swiss Ball, TRX, and Weight Vest



Evolutionary not revolutionary


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  1. Tactix 6 (delta) and Fenix 6 let you set alarms via GC. I have no idea why it would have been removed for the tactixv7/Fenix 7, but they did…

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