new Garmin Descent MK3? (Nov 2023)

garmin descent mk3 2023
MK3 Shown (2023)

Garmin Descent MK3?

Edit: Leaked as of October 2023:

6 new Garmin Watches inbound…but which ones?

Today on Twitter Garmin is teasing an ocean monster from the deep.

This is hardly likely to be referring to the latest aviation offering from the company and is almost certainly a marine product initially thought to be a new Descent Dive Watch but instead its a trolling motor



That said, we are due a next-generation Garmin dive watch and information from the Garmin forums suggests the same, albeit weakly so.



From Garmin Forums


Garmin’s MK2 and MK2i were launched in October 2020, followed by the smaller  MK2s six months later. That’s a fair while ago by Garmin’s standards and all that divers have seen in the interim is the ‘budget’ Descent G1 (Based on Instinct). The MK2/2i/2s were based on Garmin’s even older Fenix 6 model.

It seems reasonable that Garmin MK3 will be soon, perhaps also with an MK3i and MK3s. The MK3/MK3i would be the ‘large’ versions with a 1.4″ screen and optional Air Integration whereas the MK3s is the smallest 1.2″ display option. There would be no normal-sized display for the dive watches and the new dive computers would be based on the regular Fenix 7X (7X non-Pro would be my assumption).

Don’t expect to see an AMOLED screen on a Pro-level dive watch like this.



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8 thoughts on “new Garmin Descent MK3? (Nov 2023)

  1. Hmm, this is the one I have been waiting for, but was hoping it would be based on the fenix 7X Pro or the middle size on the Epix Pro 2

      1. I would have thought amoled would be compelling for this use case in a dark environment. And it would be a clear differentiator over Suunto.

        I don’t see what would prevent them from making amoled work if they want to do it.

  2. Let’s hope that AppleWatchUltra’s adoption by “casual” divers will compel Garmin to bring similar casual dive support to the premium (yet far more mainstream) Fenix/Epix/Tactix/Quatix/Marq lines. Come on Garmin! Not everyone is a professional diver: we just want to use our $1000 Garmins to log a few resort dives per year. Even Apple can do that.

    1. When I first heard about the Fenix/Epix Pro rumors, my hope was exactly this — that they would be adding some basic recreational diving features to the Fenix/Epix lines as part of the “Pro” add-on thanks to Apple’s competitive move with AWU.

      Oh well, we can only hope for Fenix 8/Epix G3.

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