Wahoo now support CORE (GreenTEG) and Train.Red – Garmin soon

Wahoo supports CORE (GreenTEG) and Train.Red

Wahoo has just released public support for the display of core body temperature on all ELEMNT bike computers from a GreenTEG CORE sensor, which is supposed to give accurate CORE TEMP readings when paired with a heart rate monitor by using its nifty algorithms.

There’s not really much more to add other than it pairs in the usual way and lets you add new metrics from the following list of seven: current Body Temp, Average (total, lap), Maximum (total, lap), and/or Minimum (total, lap)

For quite some time Wahoo has also supported Muscle Oxygen metrics and now the train.red sensor is an option there in addition to Moxy. Moxy is the more recognized incumbent and produces absolute haem values, Train.Red claims that 3rd party research shows that absolute heam values are less accurate than the relative haem values it shows. Train.Red also show much more frequent data than Moxy but it’s currently too frequent for the FIT spec to accommodate!

Take Out

Garmin will soon add native temperature support via an updated ANT+. It’s a good job as if you have a Garmin watch you are currently limited to two CIQ data fields as a means of connecting to more exotic sensors. With the increasing number of novel sensors (supersapiens, CORE, Engo 2) it just makes life easier for me and others if they can be linked to a Garmin watch through standard ANT+ compatibility.

The CORE sensor itself will remain one of peripheral use, limited to research, pros and super keen amateur athletes looking to acclimate to hotter climes for important Summer races.

Similarly, muscle oxygen looks set to remain a sensor destined for the same kind of audience, despite it perhaps having the potential of wider, consumer-grade usage.

Core Body Temperature support on latest Garmins ..AND Apple Watch




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