Quick Review: Vinco Performance Eyewear – sunglasses tested for cycling & running

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports sola terraQuick Review: Vinco Sola Performance Eyewear

TL;DR – Lightweight, stylish sports sunglasses with a good lens and a nod toward ventilation. Eco credentials.

I’d somewhat given up looking at and reviewing sports sunglasses as I have a drawer full. I made the exception for Vinco just because they looked great, here’s what I thought summarised with some more details further down.

Disclaimer: I got a free pair, nothing else

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⭐⭐⭐⭐ Look Good. Are Good. Nothing Unusually Different sets them apart.
  • Price - 70%
  • Build Quality & Design - 75%
  • Aesthetics - 90%
  • Lens - 85%

Lightweight, stylish sports sunglasses with a good lens and a nod toward ventilation. Eco credentials.

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports


With a half-rim construction, Vinco’s sports sunglasses have several interesting details that look good including the metal screws, nose bridge and wrap-around shape. They keep the bugs out when cycling fast, they grip well and stay on and they seem to permit decent airflow to maintain fog-free vision, less so when you slow down.


  • Nice aesthetics with interesting details
  • Two width sizes (134/138mm)
  • Lightweight (27/29g)
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Decent ventilation but not perfect
  • Eco: no plastic packaging, durable, repairable, recyclable, carbon-neutral materials.


  • Certainly not cheap at $250/£200
  • Unsure of hinge durability from snapping/twisting.
  • I would like an option for a polarised lens that adapts to varying light conditions.

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports review

Some Design Details

The nose bridge is comfy and keeps the glasses relatively close to the face than other pairs I have. The ventilation duct above the nose bridge and the lens cut-out seems to keep the air flowing well over the lens and hence mist-free. I find that all wrap-around lenses reduce the evaporation effect on sweat from the forehead.

The stainless steel spring-cam hinge and the slender arm are pleasing to the eye. However, I’m not convinced about their ability to withstand twisting, snapping or occasionally being sat on. I guess that’s glasses in general for you. Either way, they have a manufacturer 2-year guarantee which will probably not cover misuse!


Eco Credentials

Vinco frames are manufactured from Lignatura, which is an own-branded carbon-neutral material. Vinco claims the glasses to be durable and rebuildable. I particularly liked the zero-plastic packaging.

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports



In Use

I got the larger 137mm size for my big head.

They’re not super-grippy compared to other glasses I have, probably because other pairs I have feel too tight because of the aforesaid big head! That said, some Oakleys I have make good use of a sprung hinge which allows overflexing; they’re cool to fiddle with and I suspect the over-flexing makes them less susceptible but not immune to damage. Vinco could benefit from a better hinge.

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports 2



As well as options for head width, there are two lens colours and three frame colours

vinco performance eyewear sunglasses sports helmet


The company says this:

Renewable and rebuildable

When your Vinco frames get to the end of their useful life, we invite you to send them back. We’ll recycle them and replace them in a snap with a new one of your choice. 2-year guaranteed.


Buy from: Vinco Performance for £200/$250









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