Garmin Instinct 2 gets new feature announcement

Garmin Instinct Garmin Instinct 2 gets new features (beta)

Today Garmin has effectively announced significant new features for the Instinct 2 series. These are all added:

  • Morning Report – When you wake up the Instinct now scrolls through several screens such as those indicating your recovery, weather and upcoming events. It’s a nice feature and I look at mine on the 965 most mornings. I’m not sure I’d wear the chunkier watches like the Instinct 2 all night though.
  • Training Readiness support – This is a superficially interesting take by Garmin on your daily readiness. Some of the constituent elements of the overall readiness score ARE based on good science but then Garmin lumps them all together to make some arbitrary and unproven overall rating. Believe it if you want to.
  • Gaming activity – Ideal for eGamers to check their physiological stats into the early hours of the day.
  • Tides Glance – Helps you glance at local tide info. I’d like this on my 965 but instead use the AK Tides CIQ field, AK Beachwatch Watchface or my Apple Watch. I don’t live at the coast but the river is tidal where I live and low tide exposes some river beaches where I take the dog for a bit of open water swimming.
  • Workouts app – all your workouts in one place.

Take Out

This is a big update.

To an extent, it aligns the features amongst all the Series 2 models as well as giving Instinct 2 features that are only now making their way to Garmin’s top-end models.





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2 thoughts on “Garmin Instinct 2 gets new feature announcement

  1. Nice. It’s my daily watch now, since at the beginning of the year I realized it had everything I really needed for a successful running/trail training block. What’s in more recent watches is basically just fluff. YMMV

    1. yep, there’s been a lot of fluff for years plus a lot of stuff that seems useful that ends up as fluff.
      i think I’ll dig out my 920XT, that seemed to do most of the sports stuff!

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