Van Moof goes POOF | Bankrupt 2Pure owe Coros £$£$£$£$£$

Van Moof goes POOF* | Bankrupt 2Pure owe Coros

We have temporarily paused sales to catch up on the production and delivery of existing orders.


Van Moof (b.2008-d.2023) struck my interest a while back as they had inbuilt batteries and AirTag compatibility. I even saw a few of them in the wild and one as recently as last week.

It seems that you were all less impressed and didn’t buy as many as the company would have liked. They’re going bankrupt and have already filed for protection against creditors.

Let’s hope the company’s 700ish employees quickly find new gainful employment and/or that the company can get a significant investment.

Source: Reuters


Scottish distributor 2Pure went under several weeks ago. Now it’s come to light that they owe more than $1m (>£900). They only have assets of less than half of that. Ouch.

Creditors include Nuun, Paceline, Coros, Compressport and Columbia Sportswear. It remains to be seen if anything will be returned to creditors.


* Onomatopoeia indicating a small explosion with a cloud of smoke; as caused by a deflating object,




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  1. A lot of people were impressed, especially in Amsterdam. Unfortunately their service was “not the best” and some parts were prone to defects.

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