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Garmin Firstbeat Analytics Lab Opens

Firstbeat Analytics was acquired by Garmin in 202o and its Analytics lab was quietly opened last year (2022). However, Garmin has now more formally announced that it is open for business,

We are thrilled to have the new Firstbeat Analytics Lab here in Finland. Since its beginnings 20 years ago, Firstbeat Analytics has employed some of the best physiologists and scientists in the world and now, combining that talent with the revolutionary equipment and technology in the new lab, we’re confident that it will foster innovation and help create cutting-edge features for future Garmin products. [Pulkkinen, Firstbeat Analytics MD]

Garmin will presumably use this facility as an internal testing ground for new monitoring technologies, new fitness algorithms and new fitness equipment rather than as a laboratory that can be used by outside sports professionals. There will be benefits from centralising these resources from across the Garmin organisation into one place and it makes sense that that place remains in Finland where many of Garmin/Firstbeat’s researchers already live.

Wahoo made its announcement for its research facility in 2022 and Polar, Suunto, Coros, et al will of course all have similar but smaller research capabilities.


Wahoo Sports Science Center – just the start?


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