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4iiii FindMy and Watch app support

4iiii Innovations, a power meter specialist, has integrated Apple’s Find My technology into its new PRECISION+ power meter platform, making it the world’s first power meter with Find My. This integration allows cyclists to track their power meters using their Apple devices. The PRECISION+ power meter also offers real-time terrain optimization, using an accelerometer and gyroscope for different riding surfaces.

In addition to the power meter, 4iiii has unveiled its ‘Ride’ companion watch app, which enables cyclists to track and analyze their performance. The app supports Bluetooth connectivity for integration with fitness sensors and uploads comprehensive ride statistics, including GPS routes, to Apple Fitness and .FIT files. It also seamlessly syncs with Strava for automatic workout sharing. Note: the app is relatively basic but seems to work well and also supports non-4iiii power meters and other sensors too

According to Phil White, the President and CEO of 4iiii, the integration with Apple devices shows the potential for bikes and their users to become smarter and more connected. The company aims to simplify cycling technology and provide a convenient way for riders to view, track, and analyze their rides through the app and watch, eliminating the need for a separate head unit.

The PRECISION 3+ Powermeter with Apple Find My integration is available for purchase as Ride Ready on Shimano cranks or can be installed on existing cranks through 4iiii’s Factory Install program. The PRECISION 3+ PRO Powermeter will soon be available on Ultegra and Dura Ace dual sets. The Ride companion watch app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is available through the 4iiii app.


Edit: The power meter does NOT have any location abilities with FindMy when it is being ridden and it takes 5 minutes of inactivity to activate location mode.

My family and I use Apple FindMy quite a lot, mainly to keep track of various family members’ locations and find keys with AirTags that seem to be misplaced 4 or 5 times a day in the house.

I have the latest versions of WatchOS and iOS, but my family doesn’t. So, I know there is now a feature to share Airtags but haven’t used it in anger. Presumably, 4iiii’s location can be shared like Airtags once everyone is on the version to be released next month (Aug/Sept 2023)?

I’m not too sure if 4iiii’s new feature will be as useful as a true live location sharer such as Strava Beacon or Garmin LiveTrack, which have more frequent location polling via your smartphone. However, I don’t like to take an expensive smartphone with me when I ride, so my Apple Watch LTE serves the purpose of staying in touch. Will it share my Airtag or 4iiii location? (A: Probably). Even if 4iiii can share my location via the Apple Watch, there’s little point as the people I want to share my location with merely have to track the watch instead! To further complicate matters, the Apple Watch in LTE mode consumes battery at an ungodly rate, so I often turn off 4g to save juice and hence it doesn’t then share my location.

This then leaves the only option for location tracking of the 4iiii by piggybacking its location sharing via nearby iPhone owners…like those I ride with or those who will be at the same coffee stops as me. That should work to some degree but is it cycling etiquette to rely on the paid-for data service of other cyclists? A: Probably not.

It won’t be an ideal location tracker, for sure, whichever method you use. However, the true purpose of tracking a stolen bike (via the power meter) or even tracking a crank returned for service, the 4iiii FindMy abilities are more likely to work more reliably.






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  1. I would imagine that it would be more useful to track your bike is if it is stolen than to allow others to know where you are.

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