Eight Sleep – Scientific Validation of HRV & Smart Sleep Benefits -HRV boosted by 7%

8 sleep eightsleep discount saleEight Sleep – Scientific Validation of HRV Benefits

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The new(ish) Head of Scientific stuff at Eight Sleep is ex-Oura and, as such, she knows what the product needs to do and knows the validations and case studies that customers look for.

Consequently, I wasn’t surprised when this study crossed my desk.

More https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-3148944/v1?redirect=/article/rs-3148944

OK, it involves people from the company but its approach and methods seem sound enough and a sample size of 54 is more than reasonable. I’ll just show a section of the abstract and the findings are starkly GOOD for the product and its claims. I guess it wouldn’t have been published if it showed the opposite!!! but even so, the results are good. Take a look…


With the Pod on, men’s deep and light sleep increased by 14 and 23 min, respectively, while women’s REM sleep increased by 9 min.

Sleeping HR (-2%) and HRV (+ 7%) significantly improved with Pod onthis is the first study to show that a continuously temperature-regulated bed surface can significantly 1) modify time spent in sleep stages at specific points in the night, 2) improve thermal comfort and perceived sleep quality, and 3) enhance cardiovascular recovery (HR and HRV) during sleep.

So. There you go. Better sleep. Better readiness.


My Data

My data isn’t as clear-cut because my real-world existence isn’t prone to removing extraneous variables. IE in the 3 months I’ve been using Eight Sleep I’ve also increased my training load. Nevertheless, here is my HRV recorded with a Polar H10 and HRV4training over the last year. The circled area is the period when I started using Eight Sleep which coincides with the training for the London Duathlon next month. Subjectively I have slept better but to objectively argue that my HRV has stayed within my regular ranges despite the increased load and because of Eight Sleep would be silly.

Waking HRV Trend and Range

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2 thoughts on “Eight Sleep – Scientific Validation of HRV & Smart Sleep Benefits -HRV boosted by 7%

  1. Does the cooling pod make noise? I can’t sleep with any noise so if it make a buzz or something this would be bad.
    What is your experience?

    1. it does make a low, humming noise
      i also find it hard to sleep with noise BUT the exception being either a fan or the pod when the hum is constant i find masks other, perhaps periodic or regular, noises

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