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World Athletics Championships Budapest 23


The World Athletics Championships Budapest 23 see 3 new rules that should improve opportunities for runners and improve the viewing experience for the rest of us. All of them are intended to get the maximum possible number of athletes taking part.

1. Running Under Protest

The allowed reaction time to the start gun is 0.1secs when using a World Athletics-certified start information system.

When reaction times are less than 0.1s but close to that time, the referee can allow the athlete to run under protest to avoid delaying the event and give the athlete a chance to appeal/protest the initial DQ.

2. Athlete Replacement Policy

For semi-finals and finals, up to 2 athletes will have standby positions. Should a qualifying athlete withdraw his/her lane will be filled by the fastest standby athlete.

I’m unclear if athletes who are DQd by a false start will be replaced.

3. Q- Room

The Q-room (qualifier room) is a similar concept to that used in other sports like skiing and cycling. It has also been tried previously in athletics.

If an athlete has a non-automatic qualifying position, they go to a comfy q Room with seats and a live TV stream. They stay in the room until all qualifying events are finished but leave the room if replaced by someone with a faster qualifying time.

No doubt there will be TV coverage of their reactions in the Q Room


Take Out

These all seem like a great idea to me. If more athletes get a greater chance to compete I’m all for it. Media/TV considerations are probably more the driving force behind this to maintain the quality of the spectacle.




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