the CYCPLUS CUBE Review – useful but not perfect for all cyclists


cycplus cube review


The Cycplus Cube is a small, lightweight compressor for cyclists to inflate inner tubes after a puncture on the road, with a bit of luck, you might get two inflations from one’s my review.

This is a minimum viable product that’s selling for a decent premium. It could be oh so much better. Yet I’m seriously considering permanently sneaking one into my saddlebag as it does kinda work.

Winner of a EUROBIKE Award 2023

Amazon: GBP80, Eur76, USD90

5% off with code THE5KRUNNER


CYCPLUS CUBE: Be a Tyre Inflation Hero

Let’s face it, for any cyclist, tire inflation is a PITA. Handpumps are exhausting to use and never quite seem to finish the job properly, although CO2 can make matters easier if you’ve brought along the right connectors.

cycplus mini pump review

Weighing in at just 97g, Cycplus Cube is smaller than a credit card – albeit a 3cm thick one!  Out of the box it works on Presta valves but also included is a Schrader conversion kit. Simply hold the pump on the valve and only a small amount of pressure is needed to get a perfect seal. Double-click the button and it starts inflating.  You don’t know how much pressure is in the tyre at any point and it took me 2 minutes to get 60psi into a 700×25 GP 5000 tyre with air to spare.

Actual inflation times will vary considerably. Large MTB tyres are easily inflated to 20PSI but, paradoxically, inflating a 19mm tyre to over 100psi will be tricky. The manufacturer claims a flow rate of 5L/min and 100psi maximum capability but real-life limitations are the volume of air and the pressure you have to contend with in the tyre.

There are LED status indicators. Providing you’ve charged it the night before a ride you’ll be confident of one inflation but wary of a second. One rainy, roadside day it will make tyre inflation super easy for you but you will relish that other occasion where a mate gets a puncture and you whip out your Cube after s/he’s got the tyre back on and inflate it to a good state of usefulness in a few minutes. Everyone in your group will not need to take a turn to make one of those rubbish small pumps do the job that they patently weren’t really designed to do….inflating bike tyres.

Amazon: GBP80, Eur76, USD90

5% off with code THE5KRUNNER


  • Decently quick inflation time
  • Presta & Schrader compatible
  • Good enough battery life
  • lightweight
  • Approx 20 minute recharge time


  • Hard to get the claimed high inflation pressures of 100psi.
  • You’ll still take a pump…just in case.
  • No pressure indicator

In Action

I set myself a 2-minute time limit. The Cycplus Cube got this 25mm tyre up to a more than rideable 60psi with charge to spare. You can hear it’s a bit noisy but that’s ok.


Cycplus Cube Review – Take Out

A reasonable product, sufficiently well executed

I would love a superior battery life plus a pressure indicator and a more detailed remaining charge indicator. An, impossibly, I’d like it to be even smaller.

My concerns about this product are only because of the uncertainties it leaves me with. Will the battery still be as good in a year’s time? Will the unit hold its charge for 3 weeks until I get my next puncture? Or will I have to check it before each ride?

For those uncertainties, it’s not cheap

Amazon: GBP80, Eur76, USD90

5% off with code THE5KRUNNER

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4 thoughts on “the CYCPLUS CUBE Review – useful but not perfect for all cyclists

  1. This pump is really awesome, since I also have the Quarq Tirewiz, I can tell immediately when I’ve pumped enough in as the Tirewiz LED’s will jump from red to green

  2. For stationary use (at home, on vacation and pre-race), i use a small-ish Bosch EasyPump for this purpose (about 400g, 60€, USB-C, sufficient for a couple of inflations and has a digital pressure gauge).
    On the road i carry one spare tube and 1-2 CO2 cartridges. This is sufficient redundancy for me. I didn’t carry a mini pump for years.

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