OneOdio OpenRock Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

oneodio openrock pro reviewOneOdio OpenRock Pro Wireless Earbuds Review

The OneOdio OpenRock Pro Wireless Earbuds are sold as open-ear wireless solutions, ideal for those wanting to stay aware of their surroundings and still get an acceptable level of sound quality here’s a quick review.

Amazon: GBP90, USD130, Eur190

OneOdio OpenRock Pro Review


The OneOdio OpenRock Pro Wireless Earbuds are a worthy contender for those seeking an open-ear design without sacrificing on sound or battery life. While they have their shortcomings, their advantages make them a valuable asset for the right user. If you prioritize ambient sound awareness and don’t mind a slightly larger build, these earbuds might be the perfect fit.

Amazon: GBP90, USD130, Eur190


  • Awareness of Surroundings: Open-ear design ideal for cycling or running.
  • Battery Life: Up to 19 hours on the earbuds and an additional 46 hours with the charging case.
  • Quick Charging: A 5-minute charge can yield an hour of playtime.
  • Sound Quality: For the design/price the sound is good for bone-conducting audio, particularly bass.
  • Comfort: Lightweight and comfortable, they don’t intrude into the ear canal.
  • Value for Money: The sale price is competitive, RRP less so.


  • Bulky Design: Earbuds and charging case are relatively larger than competitors.
  • Button: can be tricky to use, but well located
  • Struggles in Noisy Environments: where sound can be drowned out.
  • Fit During Activities: not so trusty during high-intensity activities.


Sporting a black and silver finish, the earbuds come with an over-the-ear hook design and use bone-conducting technology intended to allow you to simultaneously hear ambient sound.

This is a different design approach to that used by Shokz who also uses bone conducting technology. Shokz has two earpieces connected via a strip to the rear of the head.

The textured physical buttons present on the earbuds are multi-functional, albeit a bit tricky to use during movements.

Battery and Charging:

The battery life is impressive at 19 hours (claimed) and an efficient quick charge feature sets the OpenRock Pro apart. Users can expect up to 19 hours of playtime on the earbuds alone, extending to a whopping 46 hours with the charging case in tow. A full charge time is 90 minutes and charging of the earbuds is from the battery in the case.

Sound Quality:

Powered by a 16.2mm driver and OneOdio’s unique OpenRock TubeBass technology, the earbuds aim to provide a good HiFi experience. While they are clear in controlled environments, their performance can be inconsistent in challenging soundscapes. Don’t expect supremely high fidelity, this is bone-conducting tech and there is no support for HD CODECs

Suitability for Sports

These were OK for me but not so great when my partner, with smaller ears, tried them.

They stay in well and are comfortable for use on very long runs. Very comfortable.

For more vigorous exercise (read: bouncy), they will come out.


The latest Bluetooth 5.2 is supported and gives a range of up to 15m.

Supported CODECS are SBC, AAC and aptX – great for smartphones and smartwatches. I easily paired it with an Apple Watch 7.

Why Buy?

You’ll probably get these because you’ve tried true wireless earbuds which can easily fall out. You like the idea of being able to hear your surrounding as well as the digital audio from your phone/watch. Perhaps you first looked at Shokz or even tried a pair but didn’t like the annoying connector that runs behind your head from one ear to the other.


Priced at £118, these earbuds are set against a mid-range Shokz OpenRun. There are cheaper Shokz and more expensive Shokz models. There is a 25% discount on Amazon at the time of writing. In my opinion that discounted price level is ‘about right’ and that the list price is way too high. Shop around if there is no sale right now. The Amazon reviews are generally good but, hey, Amazon Reviews right?

Amazon: GBP90, USD130, Eur190

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