Garmin Venu 3 images

Garmin Venu 3  images

Retailer images strongly suggest that a Garmin Venu 3 launch is imminent. September looks highly likely for Garmin’s top-end smartwatch.

We’ve already published information on this site as LONG ago as the first quarter of the year detailing some of Garmin’s new features – both those in the pipeline and those already launched in other Garmin watches. I’ll add the links again further below these images which are genuine



What the images show

The images confirm a nice-looking, circular AMOLED screen. We see an excellent circular watch face, finally, Garmin might have got its act together with non-childlike watch faces. Then we see the addition of the morning report which is already available on other watches (I use it daily) and, strangely, parts of the sleep coaching mini-feature are slated to be included in that.

Sleep coaching is one of the big new features and probably also takes inputs from the new wrist temperature sensor.

The widget glances look new to Venu (I can’t remember) and the muscle heatmap is also new to Venu though already on other watches. The muscle heatmap is a feature originally and innovatively launched by Coros.

‘Obviously’ Venu 3 will also get the new Elevate 5 OHR sensor and the latest GNSS chipset with SatIQ and dual frequency reception.


sorry this one IS watermarked


Love ❤️ It – Garmin Morning Report



Garmin Sleep Coach – An Explainer – It’s BS tho!


incoming Garmin Venu 3 and 3s


Garmin Wrist Temperature – Coming This Month


Garmin to Postpone Wrist Temperature Feature for Future Smartwatches

Garmin SatIQ on Multiband GNSS – What is it? Is It Good and Do I need it?


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  1. “The muscle heatmap is a feature originally and innovatively launched by Coros.”
    – nice remark ???? very few people is aware of this (at least from Garmin users ????)

  2. what do you think had happened with wirst temperature? It is not a first time when it leaked and finally not appeared 🙁

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