Garmin Adds Images to notifications

garmin venu 3 smart notifications with image
Image| Garmin via and @Jakub

Garmin Adds Images to notifications

Well, this is a new Garmin feature that surfaced a few days ago and which I’ve only just got around to writing about. The title is relatively self-explanatory although there will be a few nuances.

Garmin will change how it shows smartphone notifications when those notifications also contain an image or photo. Almost certainly this mini-feature will only get rolled out to Garmin’s latest crop of watches with AMOLED screens. That means my Garmin Forerunner 965 (yay!!!) and the Epix Pro. Oh…and of course the brand new Garmin Venu 3 will be the first to officially have this as a ‘headline’ feature when it is soon released.

This is a relatively minor feature but, I must say, that I like a similar feature on my Apple Watch. When I get a WhatsApp message the group icon is shown and that’s pretty much all I need to know to let me decide if I can be bothered to look at the details right now or wait until it’s more convenient.



Q: Will this work on iOS And Android?

A: Android only


Q: Will this only work for the native text message app?

A: I would expect the scope to be wider than basic text messages and that it would include other messaging apps such as WhatsApp


Q: Will this be only for photos that are contained in the message?

A: Quite possibly. However, I’d also like it to include the group icon image from WhatsApp as described earlier. But I’m not holding my breath


Q: Will this be ‘photos’ or other imagery?

A: Yeah quite possibly just proper photos like jpeg/png rather than .ICO.


Q: Will the feature roll out to non-AMOLED watches?

A: It’s very unlikely. Even AMOLED watches, like Apple Watch, will still struggle to meaningfully display photos that depict much more than a glorified blur.






Here is some more info on Venu 3 from @Flo who sums up what we know so far (perhaps though not quite everything we need to know 😉 ):

Garmin Venu 3 / 3S – Everything that is known


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11 thoughts on “Garmin Adds Images to notifications

  1. I hope camera snapshots work e.g. from my nest hello doorbell. It’s a gif tho I think, so probably not. Any news on the epic gen2

  2. As you can set PNGs as backgrounds for your Watchfaces, it should (technically) no problem to release this for MIP Displays as well

  3. This looks a good feature, though I imagine some people won’t want it. Hopefully it can be disabled. Do you have any indication when this feature might be arriving on devices other than the Venu 3? The Venu 3 appears to be available directly from Garmin at this point.

  4. I’m hoping they bring the “Reply to messages with onscreen keyboard” feature to Forerunner 965 (since I own this one right now) and other touchscreen models like the Epix 2 and fenix 7 series.

    1. yep, 965 wearer here too

      i have to say i don’t use it for messaging tho. i also wear an apple watch and find it MUCH easier to reply by creating a simple text with voice recognition. the apple keypad has tiny keys on the keyboard and i guess a garmin one would be the same. i think there are serious tech limitations with replies on iOS with garmin

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