Strava – welcome expansion to BEST EFFORTS


Strava PRs Expanded

Expanded Strava PRs are coming soon for cyclists. In the meantime, Strava has today expanded on the new features added last month by adding standard track distances – 400m and 800m plus 1k added to the mix as well.

I hope Strava includes 10 miles but otherwise, the current crop of metrics is good enough for me for running.


PBs/PRs by the Year

Now, you can see how your records trend over the years with a Top 5 for each distance. Even though you might not run 400m or 800m on the track I reckon it’s pretty useful to see how your performances at those distances (when part of a longer interval or race) track over time.

You get the top 5 info on a graph too. Sweet.



I hope to get similar info for cycling. I was thinking only last week about how my 10-mile cycling PB has progressed. It’s the one thing I did an all-time best at this year and I also hope to break it in a couple of weeks’ time using some awesome HUNT Wheels and Pirelli TT Tyres on the most favourably piece of road I could find. I’ll probably end up going hard for, say 11 miles, but if Strava picks up the fastest 10 miles I’ll be happy.


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