London Duathlon 2023 Race Results for Ultra, Full, Half & Relay events

Londuathlon Course Map 2023 Bike, RunLondon Duathlon 2023 Race Results

I just finished the London Duathlon in Richmond Park, London which is the world’s largest duathlon apparently. I was pleased with my time all things considered (Covid) and almost got an age group podium (a perennial problem). Here are the results and some thoughts below to put your result into perspective if you are the competitive type.


Full results here: link to (I’ll try to get it in a spreadsheet format if I can, as of Sunday…I can’t)


What is a good time for the London Duathlon?

It’s best to compare your performance to people in your age group e.g. F20-24 is females aged 20-24. Work out your time as a percentage of the age group winner’s time and if you want an exact percentage then you’ll probably have to use Excel and convert it to seconds. If your time is within 115% of the winner’s time then that’s excellent and you should research qualifiers for GB Age Group teams. Similarly, 120% is also great and indicates that you are of the required standard to be competitive in duathlons.

If you were participating for a bit of fun then maybe 150% is good.

The London Duathlon does have some highly competitive global age group athletes taking part. There tends to be more of them in the M35-M50 age groups. So your percentage score in the more competitive age groups could be much lower than at other, ‘fun’ events elsewhere in the country.

If you want to see how good you really are on a national stage then compete in one of the British Triathlon Age Group qualifiers or national duathlon championships. Every age group is packed full of Britain’s finest and the events are often at very safe locations like car race tracks and airfields.

My First Duathlon – for seasoned single-event runners and riders

If this was your first duathlon and you like your sports tech and sports numbers then, for the Full Duathlon, if you managed to match your Half Marathon race pace and also averaged more than 90% of your FTP then I reckon that’s pretty good…even marathon pace and 85% would be good.

You will no doubt have found that running after already running and biking is somewhat difficult.


I hope you enjoyed what seemed to be a safe but hot race. You can also come back next year to beat your 2023 time 😉



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