Infinity Loops – straps for Apple Ultra 2, Watch 9, 8, 7, 6……

Infinity Loops – Straps for Apple Ultra 2, Watch 9, 8, 7, 6……

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Until recently Apple’s own range of straps wasn’t that impressive. Those that came with the Watch ULTRA in 2022 were innovative though and definitely improved the choice.

Apple Watch Ultra Bands – update with WsC bands

There are much cheaper copies available that mimic Apple’s designs and they are usually of a similar quality. However, I’ve tried to cast my net wider to find some newer designs and generally my search didn’t go too well. The replica bands you can easily find on Amazon and eBay seem to be identical and somewhat limited in the variety of models available.

Then I stumbled upon Infinity Loops. The company has some crazy and unusual designs interspersed with more sensible ones. I would encourage you to have a quick peak at its site for the more off-beat offerings as the ones I’m covering below are slightly more conventionally designed but I did manage to find some unusual strap materials (Titanium, ‘Porcelain’) and I even managed to find some sports band made of silicone with clever magnetic buckles…that actually worked!

More: Infinity Loops

Office Casual – Silicone Magnetic Deployant

This one looks WAY better on the wrist and it works WAY better than you might think.


It has one of those funny Z-shaped closure mechanisms. I’ve got thin wrists so the loose end of the strap that gets fastened on the inside next to my skin sometimes got a bit caught when fastening up but apart from that it was great. The fit is comfy, the magnetic fastener feels strong and it is easily adjustable to the circumference of your wrist. I’m not sure of the longevity but at GBP22 it’s priced reasonably.

It looks simple and sleek and you could wear it unobtrusively on many kinds of occasions. Being plastic it’s good for sport. Obviously, there are lots of sizes and colours, all available in each of the current sizes.

Verdict: Will probably wear it for sport sometimes when I fancy a change.


Tacticool 2.0 – Apple Watch Tactical

I was very excited by this one as it looks great in the official imagery.

It turned out to be wider and chunkier than I’d imagined. If you are a thick wrist kinda guy this would work well if you are looking for that kind of design. On my relatively thin wrist, the strap was only just able to be small enough, any larger and the end would have not been able to fasten to the velcro and would have flapped about.  My partner initially liked the look of this one as well but didn’t like the fancy stringy bits in real life, I did tho!

The extra girth is comfortable and the strap is also sufficiently compliant.

It feels well made and at GBP29 seems like a good buy considering the complexity of manufacture.

Again this comes in many colours and sizes.

Verdict: Will look great in some photoshoots with the inbound Ultra 2 next week 🙂


Titanium Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch (Ultra)

Ostensibly this one is perfect for Apple Watch Ultra as it is made from a matching titanium metal. I have both aluminium and stainless steel Apple Watches at the moment and it works fine with both – the awesomeness of the band takes the eye away from the slight mismatch of the two metals.



When closed up the snazzy clasp mechanism is all but hidden and easily released by pressing the two buttons to either side of the centre of the buckle.

One of the general problems with these kinds of bands is that you have to take out links to make them exactly fit your wrist circumference. This often involves removing pins but not this time. Each individual link has a button on it and taking out or adding back a link is a doddle!! Very clever.

Of course, it looks super-sleek when worn.

I’d say it’s as comfortable as other metal bands. I would tend not to wear metal bands on a regular basis. But I do wear them from time to time, this one is definitely a contender.

As you might expect this one is more expensive. Currently, it’s on sale at half price at GBP74, which is not too unreasonable and about half the price of the Nomad stainless steel equivalent band that I would normally use ‘for best’.

Verdict: Super classy strap that I like a lot




Porcelain Goddess – Ceramic Band

I liked the lightweight and clean design of the Porcelain Goddess, made with ceramic material and a quality stainless steel buckle mechanism


As with normal metallic straps, it’s a slight faff to remove the pins and links to get the band the right length. Once done, all is good.

The bands come over well with a quality, smart look but are a tad let down in my opinion where some of the links open up more than neighbouring ones when at a certain angle. I don’t think it’s an issue at all with manufacture it’s just what happens when you wear them in a certain way. That said, it’s a tiny negative detail and I’ve shown it in the images too.

Currently, these represent decent value at the sale price of £37, comparing favourably with the more expensive metal alternatives.

Verdict: Classy and nice but the link joins might weigh on my conscious



Cyborg Carbon Fibre

This was a design that I thought didn’t look quite as good in real life as in the online store. That said, I had chosen a blue strap to match my blue case. Those two blue shades didn’t quite match either and I was left thinking maybe I should have stuck with the safe bet of the black carbon fibre.

These are perhaps even lighter than the ceramic straps….super lightweight but perhaps a tad too rigid for sporty wear and I feel that they are better intended as a comfortable lightweight day watch strap.

Fairly priced to others from the same brand, coming in at £33

Verdict: I can’t decide on this one, I think it’s just the blue. Should be classier looking in black and light to boot.


Rugged Silicone Sport Band

Finally, we come to the rugged silicone band. It feels fairly rugged but has a nice balance between that and comfort by avoiding being too thick as I’ve found with other straps. Again the criticism here is that the blue doesn’t match the Apple case blue but if you are looking at something blue to blend in with some aspect of your clothing it’ll be fine in a denim-coloured kinda way.

This is decent value at £29

Verdict: A solid, rugged strap. It does what it says on the tin.



Take Out

Infinity Loops has an impressively full collection that must be 10x larger than what I’ve shown here and with many more varied and unusual designs, especially some targeted at women ranging from shabby-chic to boho looks.

Some very solid design options from this company at reasonable price levels.

Worth further investigation as is my earlier look at many of the other best Apple watch straps out there.

Disclaimer: I got some free straps. this article is not otherwise paid for and I get no commission from the links.