Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Amazingly awesome battery boost

apple watch ultra 2Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Amazingly awesome battery boost

Apple fans can get extremely, very, super-excited about the new Watch Ultra 2. Latest leaks from mysterious regulatory filings in China show that the battery life of the Ultra 2 (but not either size of Watch 9) has increased by a whopping 4.059%. Yes, now that means the battery will almost certainly be suitable for any kind of Ultra event, ever. Well, maybe.

Joking aside, Macrumors quote these figures from a ‘Chinese Regulatory Database’

Apple WatchBattery


Apple Watch Series 9 (41mm)
282 mAh
Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm)
282 mAh
Apple Watch Series 9 (45mm)
308 mAh
Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm)
308 mAh
Apple Watch Ultra 2
564 mAh
Apple Watch Ultra
542 mAh

Thus if the information is correct, then there really is a 4.059% increase in capacity. Macrumors suggests an association with the increased screen brightness which is now a maximum of 3,000 nits – a 50% increase from the old 2,000 nits of Watch ULTRA. I’m not so sure.

My guess would be that the redesigned S9 chip or next-gen UWB component was just that little bit tinier than before, thus there is now a tad more space available and Apple simply decided to fill it with a slightly larger battery. It’s also possible that new battery tech could have increased the density but I doubt this, as Watch 9 would also have received the same change.

Now, increased capacity doesn’t necessarily translate to increased battery life. For starters, there is the new S9 SoC which could well consume more power overall as there are potentially clever new ways for you to use more battery with its new features, for example, by using the Siri-on-watch feature.

So there will be ebbs and flows in the real-life battery benefits you might see.

Apple claims 12 hours of proper GPS recording time for Watch Ultra 2.

However, I’ll end on a positive note. I reckon the true battery life will be increased in Ultra 2 if you use the watch in a similar way to before. A 4% capacity increase could translate to an extra 29 minutes of proper GPS recording time…or not! Just don’t turn the LTE on.

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6 thoughts on “Apple Watch Ultra 2 – Amazingly awesome battery boost

  1. lmfao, you click baited me into reading and made me laugh. I am waiting for your leaks on the ultra 3/X. I do love my ultra 1 though and can just charge it during my shower and it lasts all week.

    1. it’s meant to be kinda funny rather than click baity
      i’ve given up trying to explain that boring titles just dont get any clicks but I defintiely don’t want to lie.
      there’s a famous UK print newspaper example from MANY years ago “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”, it kinda worked for them.
      my income from ads from this post will be about 50 cents. i’m REALLY not doing it for the ad revenue.

      PS your commenter-ID is also sensational to some degree. Or maybe it’s factual…who knows! enjoy!

      PS I won’t get any original LEAKS here on the next gen they all come fro sources i dont have original access to (unlike with the sports watch comapnies). However you WILL get some original deductions and speculations on Apple like i’ve already made:

      1. I love your articles that is why I am a paid member. I will support you til i die or go broke. Cheers my brother and thanks for all you do

  2. As an owner of the current AW Ultra, I had an order in place that I ended up cancelling earlier today. A very lazy “let’s release a new model because we kind of have to” type thing.

    I seriously doubt the new watches will be noticeably faster vs the OG Ultra if prior Apple releases are anything to go by. Which leaves the increased brightness and the new gestures as the only real improvement.

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