Garmin Vivoactive 5…

Venu 3 not Vivoactive 5

Garmin Vivoactive 5 will launch in a few days with boosted smart functions and AMOLED

The Vivoactive 5 will boast Gorilla Glass 3 protection on a 1.2″ AMOLED screen running at a creditable 390×390 pixels

The essence of the new Vivoactive is that it is a round, lower-priced, lowly-featured, smaller version of the recent Garmin Venu 3. As such, it boasts some but not all of Garmin’s more recent features. Sleep Coach and nap detection are included but not the latest optical HR sensor nor the glories of SatIQtastic GNSS.

Battery life is good and in line with other Garmin watches

Up to 11 days (in connected mode)
Up to 21 hours (in GPS mode)

There are a choice of 4 colour options:

  • Vivoactive 5, Gray aluminum bezel ,  black case and black silicone strap : €299.99
  • Vivoactive 5, Soft Gold aluminum bezel ,  ivory case and ivory silicone strap : €299.99
  • Vivoactive 5, Metallic Blue aluminum bezel ,  blue case and blue silicone strap : €299.99
  • Vivoactive 5, Metallic Orchid aluminum bezel ,  purple case and purple silicone strap : €299.99


Garmin Vivoactive 5 – Specs at a Glance (via: @Flo)

vivoactive 5 vivoactive 4 Venu 3
Display size 1.20″ 1.30″ 1.40″
Protection Gorilla Glas Gorilla Glas Gorilla Glas
Resolution | PPI 390 × 390 | 325 260 × 260 | 200 454 × 454 | 324
Dimensions 42.2 × 42.2 × 11.1 mm 45.1 × 45.1 × 12.8 mm 45.0 × 45.0 × 12.0 mm
Weight 36g without a strap 50g with strap 46g with strap
Battery life – Smartwatch 11 days 8 days 14 days
Battery life – GPS 21 hours 18 hours 21 hours


How the mighty has fallen

Vivoactive seems to have fallen from grace. No longer is it the pinnacle of Garmin’s smartwatch crown. It’s probably not even a jewel in that crown.

Maybe it’s just one of those manmade diamonds that Pandora charges an inflated price for?

Garmin Venu 3 first look review

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10 thoughts on “Garmin Vivoactive 5…

  1. Do you think there is any chance of an updated Vivosmart 6 that will finally have unified training so it can be the primary wearable and my FR265 can be my PTD.

    If not, any updates on an optical HRM FIT??

  2. Have there ever been fake leaks? Update: well, it’s on the site.

    Speaking as the representative of MIPS-aficionados who don’t want or need a Fenix, I can’t help but feel disappointed. If Garmin switches even the camouflage-cosplay Tactix to AMOLED, the days of MIPS seem to be numbered, at least outside of Fenix/Enduro (but I wouldn’t even bet on Fenix 8, less so on an Enduro 3)

    Kind of surprised that they didn’t do the VA5 as a connected GPS watch like most of the Vivomoves, that would be a much cleaner separation from the Venu than just the older HRM and lack of microphone. Buyers who couldn’t care less about GPS but want body observation and “smart stuff”? Plenty of those. Buyers who want a wrist worn GPS? Chances are they get one of the maps-enabled models, or something more sport-specific like a forerunner 2xx. In a “lifestyle” watch price grade below “all boxes checked”? I really don’t see why it should have GPS, at least as long as “connected GPS” does appear in their feature matrix.

    1. yeah i think there’s some truth there for sure. i replied to a reddit post only a few minutes ago on the same subject.

      FR65 will almost certianly come in as AMOLED but will garmin then later add a FR65lite with MIPS just so it can compete in a price brakcet $100ish less? IDK. perhaps not.
      ive said before (at he launch of epix) that fenix would die because of amoled. or at least its dominance would die. long live epix…and all that.

      on the gps point (a good one). i jsut wonder how much it costs to add a gps chip? $5 ??? can’t be much for garmin. it must get to the point where its easier keeping in the chip so that the codebases are the same across the range. clearly polar also sees a place for the connected gps crowd (Unite)

      have to say i’m not a fan of conencted gps, at all, for anyone, ever.

      1. GPS cost ponderings match mine, but the existence of “connected” in Vivomoves suggests that it’s not quite as negligible. And if that’s not so much about cost as it is about mass/volume/energy, it could still be an attractive option for serving lower price points without too much cannibalization.

        Not exactly a fan of connected GPS, but considering that I wear Garmin in descending order as a background HRM (and as fallback when the chest strap refuses to work mid-ride), as a payment token, as a phone finder, as a notification display and as a time display I sure wouldn’t miss native GPS a lot… the watch is basically an off-bike accessory to the edge for me.

  3. Imma data nerd and have the ultra gen 1 but looking to also enter the garmin ecosystem as I have the rs200,1030,smart bike gen 2,and looking for a garmin watch. I run inside/outside, but only zwift for cycling, so what would be a good recommendation? Price is not a big concern and if you have a link so you can get some sponsor money let me know.

      1. I was checking out the venu3 as it has the new elevate HR what do you think and do you have a amazon link?

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