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The WHOOP app has just expanded the information it gives you on your sleep quality. The core premise is that whilst more sleep can be good, more GOOD sleep is definitely good.

Q: But What is GOOD sleep?

A: There’s is no fixed definition of GOOD sleep but WHOOP’s take is that it includes elements of consistency, restorative sleep, and time asleep


WHOOP now coaches your sleep in 4 new areas using these metrics

  1. Consistency is a major driver in illness prevention and is perhaps the most important component of ‘good’ sleep. WHOOP looks at how similar your sleep and wake times are
  2. Sleep efficiency is driven in part by circadian health and is considered in the context of the percentage of time you spend in bed asleep.
  3. Sleep debt considers the difference between the amount of actual sleep to the amount you need. As well as factoring on illness/injury prevention this has a role in brain function
  4. Restorative sleep consists of the DEEP and REM stages of sleep. These account for physical and mental restoration respectively and are together considered as a percentage of your overall sleep.


These 4 can then be reviewed in weekly, monthly, and 6 monthly Trends.

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