Big updates for Garmin Fenix 7, 7 Pro and Epix, Epix Pro now available

eight sleep pod 3 discount saleGarmin adds nap tracking and more to top Watches (beta only for now)

Wellness features are much sought after by smartwatch buyers.

Sleep stages and overnight recovery were very much the thing of the moment in 2021. Many watches now offer those features and the brands are seeking to fill in the gaps in their feature sets. Thus Garmin has recently focussed on adding nap detection as well as Sleep coaching. today the top-end Fenix 7/7 Pro and Epix/ Epix Pro get nap detection albeit only in beta. Enduro 2, Quatix 7, and MARQ Gen 2 get the same features.

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I discuss and criticise some of the supposed benefits of detailed sleep tracking and coaching in the links below.

Garmin Nap Detection – Insights & An a Explainer


  • Added the ability to track naps, including a new Nap widget and an updated Sleep widget.
  • Additions and enhancements to the Body Battery feature.
  • Added audio prompts for course points.


Garmin Sleep Coach – An Explainer

  • Added the ability to display images within smart notifications (Android only).
  • Added phone lost detection during an activity. Enabled in system alert settings.
  • Added large font mode which can be accessed in System > Display menu.
  • Added workout audio notes support.
  • Added Inline Skating activity.

Garmin Training Readiness – Not Accurate – Here’s Why

  • Added a Moon Phase widget.
  • Added tracking of splits for Ski.
  • Added NAVIC GPS support.
  • Added a confirmation popup when saving an activity via touch.
  • Added ability to enable Red Shift when Do Not Disturb is enabled.


incomingGarmin Sleep Coaching – the details


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12 thoughts on “Big updates for Garmin Fenix 7, 7 Pro and Epix, Epix Pro now available

  1. Nice additions, missing though sleep coach and I was also expecting wrist temperature to be included.

    Moreover, the fact that the nap detection feature is also enabled on the non-pro versions means that the feature is not relying on wrist temperature to figure out whether someone is entering into a “sleep mode”, and it relies only on movement and HR.

    1. Since this version, there is a Skin Temp folder on the watch itself, which is apparently only present on Pro models

      1. Have you checked also the non pro models?

        I’ve just checked the previous version and there is no wrist temp folder.

      2. SkinTemp is present also on non-Pro models, which is quite confusing to be honest.

        Any thoughts @tfk?

      1. Really, wouldn’t it be part of the Q4 quarterly update. The Venu and Vivoactive are part of the Fitness dev team which is the same as the Forerunner series.

        I would expect this is an easier update for the FR265 and FR965 than the Outdoor watches.

        I think this keeps coming back to why does Garmin not have a single OS for all their watches.

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