Apple Watch plus Supersapiens Glucose – Hands On

supersapiens apple watchApple Watch plus Supersapiens Glucose – Hands-On

This is a welcomed but extremely basic update to the Supersapiens ecosystem.

TL;DR – Live glucose is beamed from your iPhone and displayed as a single value and as a trend via an app on your Watch

Hopefully, that one-liner explains how it works simply enough. The implications are not especially wide-ranging and the obvious negatives are that your iPhone must be in range of your Watch, and your Supersapiens patch must be in range of the iPhone. The Supersapiens sensor is NOT paired to the Watch.

The positive impact of this is that you do not have to change the existing pairing of your Supersapiens patch to your Wahoo/Garmin. That stays as is and works alongside this new feature. The new Supersapiens watchOS app simply uses your Watch’s normal Bluetooth connection to the iPhone.

There is no special functionality whatsoever on the Watch. So no alerts, nothing. just a pretty graphic, a trend indicator and a live value.


I’m struggling to find a real-world use for this in sports.

It’s most useful for non-sporty people who just want a quick glucose reading shown on their wrist without the hassle of opening up the iPhone. I know quite a few people who’ve got Supersapiens because Zoe is currently sold out and this helps all of them (my partner included).

I guess if you are having problems pairing Supersapiens to your Wahoo ELEMNT/Garmin Edge then you could also wear the Apple Watch and glance at it at appropriate times in your workout.

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The Supersapiens Performance Patches have an expiry date so buy with caution from trusted sources like SuperSapiens or athletes you know.

The smartphone app and Garmin CIQ app are free and there is no subscription cost. Sensors vary in price depending on how many you buy. A pretty good deal is shown above and on the right where you can buy two sensors and get one free for Eu150 making the price of a Supersapiens sensor Eu50 each. This is a lower-cost offer compared to any of the larger bulk-buy packs eg The buy 9 sensors and get one free for Eu700 deal works out at Eu70 each… ie Eu20 is more expensive.

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