Stryd Duo – Getting Started

Stryd Duo Footpods Install Pair and ConfigureStryd Duo – Getting Started

Stryd Duo is the long-awaited dual-sided power meter and dual-sided running gait sensor and this is a quick article explaining how to upgrade to a dual-side Stryd in the Garmin environment.

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First up you’ll need a second Stryd Next Gen pod. The one you already have is perfect but a Stryd Wind or earlier pod will not work. You’ll find that buying Stryd with a 6-month (optional) membership is cheaper than buying without the membership providing you cancel at the 6-month point. Deliveries have already started in November 2023.

Q: What do I need to do to upgrade Stryd Duo

A: Make sure that everything is up to date including your Stryd smartphone app, Stryd CIQ data field/app, and Stryd’s pod firmware

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Pairing a Second Pod

Let’s assume you already have one pod paired in the normal way.

You will now see a new option to pair a second pod. You know what to do! You will be taken through a straightforward series of information screens and both pods will be attached, both their firmware will be updated again, and they will be linked together and receive a new ANT+ ID, like this…

That last point is important as you will now have to pair the ‘new’ sensor and update other ANT+ ID settings on your Garmin watch.

You should already have your original Stryd paired as a footpod on your Garmin but not as a power meter. Pair the new Stryd Duo footpod and enable autocalibration. You should also change speed and distance calculations of the new footpod to ALWAYS.


For those of you who manually calibrate Stryd, I’m guessing that you will need to perform a new calibration.

If you use the Stryd Data field/app there should be nothing to do as it should pick up the new, closest Stryd automatically. For safety’s sake, I manually change the ANT+ ID setting in the Stryd Zones Data Field.

stryd zones data field settings
Stryd zones data field settings in iOS Connect IQ


That’s it you’re good to go.

More to follow with an updated Stryd Duo review and insights into the new FOOTPATH visualisation metrics. It’s worth noting that you must have 2 next-gen Stryd footpods for the dual-sided metrics to work and that you only need a membership/subscription to view the 3D FOOTPATH visualisation metrics. It’s super important to realise that you absolutely do not need a membership to get the regular dual-sided power metrics and gait metrics. Just for the clever 3D visualisation.

Apple Watch Users, presumably Suunto, Coros, Wahoo RIVAL and Polar too

I’m assuming you will have to pair the new Stryd duo to your watch as the Bluetooth ID will probably have changed.

When using a Bluetooth pairing the speed/distance options I mention above are not available.



Buy internationally only from (GBP Pricing £219, £139+membership, and £279+membership


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10 thoughts on “Stryd Duo – Getting Started

  1. Pairing as a footpod really is not needed on 2022 / 2023 Garmin’s as is likely to give worse distance accuracy results in good clear open sky situations. I do not think this step can be necessary and is probably not advisable. Unless somehow they are using thr footpod profile to transport extra metrics. Unlikely though or it would not work on new Coros watches that lack ANT+

    1. yes I agree that new garmin speed/distance is much improved. but i dont think it will be better
      i’m going to be going under trees and through some tunnels later today for example…
      ty about the coros comment, i will clarify that others are BLE.

    2. For distance, probably not needed, but for instantaneous speed, Stryd is still better even with dual-band GPS and sensor fusion in my testing.

      If you are interested in accuracy and have a stroller + a bike speed sensor, I can recommend doing a test and then plotting GPS, Stryd and bike sensor speed.

      1. yes that’s normally what i find.

        i’ve been using the beta data field and getting some wierd pace glitches. so i want to be sure if they’ve come from the 965 (SatIQ) or if i hadn’t paired and configured everything properly on the stryd side…so i’ve started over!!

      2. Hi Anders, yes for pace it probably is worth taking pace from Stryd. Thats a good point. Distance? I have always found Stryd measures short in non wind, wind and nextgen over the last several years and Im not alone. Someone in the Stryd FB forums yesterday ended up 800 meters short in the recent NYC marathon and its basically impossible to run a measured course short as they are measured on the shortest route already and you probably end up running a bit longer if anything. So I would definately take distance from GPS unless it was some super tricky urban canyon type scenario.

        I should say that I generally run in rural areas with good open skies so I do not have tough GPS conditions.

  2. Presumably you are on the beta program. Ive had my 2nd next gen sitting at home for a week waiting to come out to play. Hopefully they’ll release the updated app soon.

      1. Ah, that explains it. Also sitting with the 2nd pod ready but no app update.

        They said early November, if it’s not this week, it’s more mid-November…

  3. Yup John,
    Me too,
    ordered the 2nd pod with the promo,
    have the pod in hand,
    but now waiting for the android software.

    Feel more than a bit short-changed.
    Would be different if Stryd were upfront and explained that it was very likely that you might receive the hardware before the software was available.

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