Wiggle affiliates – it’s official, a worse deal

Wiggle affiliates – a worse deal

After months of Wiggle’s affiliate system mysteriously not recording conversions to sales in any meaningful way, Wiggle has now made it official as its commissions start to be reduced to zero, starting with bikes. So the situation has changed from “we’re secretly not paying you for anything as it’s, ahem, not converting” to “we’re officially, definitely not paying you for some things but at least being honest about it“.

I’m not surprised. I’m more worried about any of Wiggle’s suppliers who made deliveries in recent weeks as the chances of them being paid are slim. Let’s hope the reverberations throughout the industry don’t take down any other companies.

Who would be the next best affiliate for me? Rutland? Tredz? Evans? Halfords? I would have liked Sigma Sports but they don’t have an affiliate scheme.

I’ve already removed Wiggle links from many high-performing products.

Good News

I read some good news about Wiggle this morning as, unsurprisingly, there are several companies interested in buying it in some form or other. So it’s likely the brand will continue.

Burning Bridges

Here’s a picture of Wiggle hacking off as many people as possible as they burn as many bridges as possible.


Image by Mollyroselee from Pixabay



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2 thoughts on “Wiggle affiliates – it’s official, a worse deal

  1. I’m not sure we could have expected anything else from a company that’s heading in to insolvency; stopping payments to affiliates/advertising is usually the first thing to go. Whilst I’m sure the mail order bit of Wiggle CRC will just be swallowed up by one of the other big brands out there, the bits I’m more interested in seeing survive and flourish after this are the subsidiary bike brands that Wiggle CRC own; namely Nukeproof and Vitus . They both make excellent value for money bikes and components (at least that’s been my experience of their mountain bikes) and help moderate the prices of the bigger bike brands in the process. In interviews the staff of both Nukeproof and Vitus have always come across with the right attitude too; focusing on giving customers a great rider package, knowing the business bit will follow that (as long as your parent company doesn’t run out of cash…).

    1. I suspect that Wiggle’s entire business model will change, so who knows what will happen to those sub-brands
      the biggest risk still is, I think, any domino effect with suppliers who have shipped goods to wiggle but not received payment. that could include whoever makes Nukeproof…who knows?

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