Garmin Descent MK3 AMOLED (4 models) + G1 Solar

Garmin Descent MK3 / MK3I / MK3S / MK3SI / G1 Solar

Today we see the Descent MK3 (AMOLED) which is now available to buy but delivery dates seem to point to January.

Here are the key dive features that nicely complement Garmin’s wealth of other sports, smart and wellness features (you get those too!). The standout safety feature here for me is that you can share the status of your air supply with fellow divers.


You can pair your dive computer with up to 8 Descent T2 transmitters to monitor the air pressure in your tanks. This is done using SubWave sonar technology, which allows the transmitters to communicate with your dive computer even through water.


SubWave sonar technology also allows you to exchange preset messages with other divers who are using Descent T2 transmitters. This feature is coming soon, and it will allow you to communicate with other divers up to 30 meters away. You can also use SubWave sonar to monitor the tank pressures and depths of up to 8 divers within a range of 10 meters.


This is a new Garmin technology that helps you gauge when you are best prepared to dive. The tool takes into account factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and jet lag to give you a personalized assessment.


The Descent MK3 dive computer has multiple dive modes for different types of diving, including single and multiple gas dives (including nitrox and trimix), gauge diving, apnea diving, apnea hunting, and closed-circuit rebreather diving.


The Descent MK3 dive computer has a built-in GPS that allows you to view colour maps of your dive sites. The maps show bathymetric depth contours and more than 4,000 dive sites around the world. This can help you discover new places to dive and get oriented when you’re underwater.


The Descent MK3 dive computer is designed to be rugged and durable. It has a bright 1.2″ or 1.4″ AMOLED colour display (43mm and 51mm versions), a sapphire lens, a 200-meter dive-rated case, and leakproof metal inductive buttons.

The Descent MK3 dive computer also has several integrated features and offers divers advanced capabilities. Through advanced satellite connectivity, the Surface GPS feature allows users to effortlessly track their surface journey. The Garmin Dive App seamlessly syncs with the Descent dive computer, automating the upload of dive logs. Users can rely on the Reference Point GPS tool for precise surface navigation to dive sites, ensuring accurate entries every time. The Variometer tool provides real-time feedback on freedive descent and ascent rates through tones and vibrations. Activating Big Numbers Mode presents users with a simplified dive screen on their wrists, featuring critical data in larger text. By pairing the Descent Dive computer with a compatible smartphone, users can stay informed about ocean conditions through tide data. Additionally, off-grid communication is enhanced by pairing with inReach devices and the inReach dive case for satellite messaging.

Also New is the Decent G1 Solar

Descent G1 Solar is a cheaper dive watch also announced. This is based on Garmin’s INSTINCT product and is well-featured but with generally lower-quality hardware and a lower-resolution display.

Garmin Descent G1 Solar



Replacement Models – What’s New

The current models are based on the Fenix and are Mk2S, MK2, and MK2i. The ‘S’ model is the smaller 43mm model whereas the regular size, unusually, is the larger 52mm case. The “‘i” variant is only available in the larger size and represents support for Garmin’s AIR INTEGRATION dive features (hardware).

This time around it looks like we are getting a straight boost up to the Fenix 7 PRO/epix PRO level but with the addition of the AIR INTEGRATION on the smaller-sized watch for the first time – totalling 4 models. The new watches do NOT receive the latest Gen 5 optical HR sensor with ECG (USA).

If you are hoping for an AMOLED version then rumours were right; increased brightness in the depths is pretty cool so Garmin should have hit the sweet spot here.


The Descent series is even more expensive than the equivalent Fenix. We will be looking at something like $1200/£1100 for this watch with a premium for the Air Integration support and a further premium for the T2 Transceiver.

Garmin also offers a cheaper Dive watch called Descent G1 and a new G1 Solar version is also announced today, these are based on the Garmin Instinct watch.


Take Out

TL;DR – 4 new top-end AMOLED dive watches but this time with the addition of AIR INTEGRATION in the smaller size.


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13 thoughts on “Garmin Descent MK3 AMOLED (4 models) + G1 Solar

  1. Any thoughts on which features will trickle down to G1, Mk2, Mk2s, Mk2i, and Mk1 via update? One would think that Mk2i with T1 can handle some, if not all, of the improved diver-to-diver communication features. All the Mk watches ought to have access to the dive site database, as they handle mapping in the surface context quite well. All of the watches including G1 ought to be able to provide a dive ready score since they have optical heart rate monitors and provide training scores for other activities. What do others think?

    1. I don’t know about dive feature
      however judging by what Garmin does with the same watch tech in other markets, I would say that the headline features of the MK3 are mostly unlikely to be rolled down. ie if it’s a feature that would really make you want to buy the mk3 then that’s a feature that won’t get rolled down. the exception to that would be really basic generic features (eg the link to a new diving data platform) or features that should have been there all along – none of these new ones seem to fit that criteria i think???

  2. A few minor corrections.

    In few places:
    Descent T2 dive computer
    should read
    Descent Mk3 dive computer

    Mk3 43 mm has a 1.2″ AMOLED display
    Mk3 51 mm has a 1.4″ AMOLED display

    1. mk3(i) at 51mm
      mk3 at 43
      there is no mk3 at 51mm. You must buy the i or the small like (s) version. For this reason i am looking back to mk2 series

  3. Wondering why the Mk3’s got OHR v4 and not the newer OHR v5 ?
    Maybe a depth rating of 200 m could not be achieved with OHR v5.

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