Wahoo Rival – deal makes it $99/£99 – wow! best ever

buy Wahoo Elemnt RIVAL specificationsWahoo rival – lowest-ever prices

This link goes directly to by far the best-ever deal on any triathlon watch (that’s any good) ever. Yep. A Wahoo Rival for $/£99 (ninety-nine)…it’s probably the same in Euros too.

If you are a Wahoo bike computer owner and inclined to the occasional bit of triathlonning then this is a must-buy watch at well over 50% off. Heck, if I were considering a new plastic Coros Pace 3 then I would think again with the Elemnt Rival – Wahoo has a decent app, decent features and Rival also supports ANT+ sensors. Sure, Pace 3 is feature-packed but if you just want quality sports watch features in a high-quality titanium shell then $129 is an unbelievable price. So unbelievable that Wiggle has sold out…although new stock is apparently on the way.

In answer to your next question, no I don’t know if there is a Rival 2 inbound. Rival is only just over 2 years old and you’d tend to release a triathlon watch in Spring. More likely is that Wahoo is simply responding to commercial opportunities.

why Buy?

  • It’s a good triathlon watch
  • You already have Wahoo kit (bike computer, indoor trainer)
  • Wahoo is good at updating firmware on old watches when new features are released…this should remain updated with current features for years (it has most of the required triathlon features in any case)
  • Quality construction materials
  • Easy to use like Wahoo’s bike computers, minimises button presses


Buy: Wahoo Fitness.com



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15 thoughts on “Wahoo Rival – deal makes it $99/£99 – wow! best ever

  1. Thanks, bought one without even knowing why! Probably will give it to my kid, to a friend to motivate him to start exercising, maybe I’ll try it myself, don’t really know… 🙂

  2. I was thinking about sending you the info as it’s 99€ in Europe.
    Despite owning recent Suunto watches (Vertical/Race), polar Pacer Pro, I keep eyeing my Rival as…I don’t know why, I like how it works (despite so-so GPS track, hence so-so-so instant pace, and the still existing $$*$ùù$*ù bug with Stryd). Even after years and years of SUunto watches.
    I’ll buy a second one.

  3. Despite I like Rival a lot for me these are the main conserns:
    – lack of HRV logging during excercises even if Rival paired to an ECG cheststrap like Polar H10
    (at least 1 year ago their Support answered me that Rival doesn’t record it);

    – the FW upgrades actually has been stopped since December 2022 until this October 30
    (till last December, yes, they refreshed it very freqeuntly);

    – structured workout can be synced from TP only (no Finalsurge, no Intervals.icu, no TrainAsOne etc.).

  4. I’ve had one in 2021 and sold it due to lacking accuracy in measuring elevation gain.

    Now with the new price it’s very tempting.. have you had the same issues with measuring elevation?

    1. It was globally okay for me. Maybe a bit over estimating vs Suunto (non debatable reference, in known places) but quite good.

  5. Looks like this supports phased power workouts with audio alerts, so I’ve just taken a punt.
    Thanks for the heads up.

      1. Have made a few runs with the device, and I don’t mind it.
        The challenge I have now is getting structured workouts on the device.
        This is great with TrainingPeaks (TP), and I have a two week trial to test it, but I don’t want to subscribe to TP just for this functionality and I don’t care about any of the other data they display. No workout builder in the free version!
        Final Surge don’t support exporting to the watch, only to the bike computer, they say they have asked Wahoo for an API, but haven’t manage to get one yet.

        It uses a plain text format, that I can probably make an Excel sheet to calculate and export to, but that’s not ideal, and means that I have to attach the device to a computer to transfer the file.

        I have asked Wahoo why they haven’t shared their API with FinalSurge (FS), similar to what they have done with TP, awaiting a response.
        If they can link up with FS, where you can create structured workouts on their free account, then this is the device for me. Especially since I have paid-for plans in FS.

        I liked the display during the workouts and the audible alerts are fine, although it only chimes once when you move out of the zone, (polar keeps going until you are back in range)

        If the only way to easily create a structured workout is going to be through a paid for platform, then I suspect the 30 day returns policy is going to be used. (do you lose your commission then?)

        FYi – CEX are still buying the Elemnt Rival (Stealth Grey edition) for £108 (in vouchers) so if you wanted something they sell….(I suspect they will change this quite soon)

      2. Edit: Wahoo doesn’t have a published API for training plans/workouts. the link with wahoo and Training Peaks is proprietary. so FS can’t link to wahoo yet (they are making contact again)

        you can build free workouts in TP
        you can schedule them for today and tomorrow
        you can store 5 workouts permanently in your library

        in the free version. i do it!

        FS does link to wahoo: https://blog.finalsurge.com/sync-workouts-from-wahoo-elemnt/ . as you say i think it then doesnt sync to rival (I’ve just pinged FS for more info)

        i think you can get chatgpt to create FIT files for workouts if you persevere 😉

  6. “wahoo is good at updating firmware on old watches when new ones are released”. Can you share those previously released watches by wahoo which were still updated with new firmware after rival came out? 😉

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