Decoding Silicon Valley’s Technological Evolution: The Key Priorities and Trends

Image by axonite from Pixabay

Decoding Silicon Valley’s Technological Evolution: The Key Priorities and Trends

Whenever you think about the rapid changes in the technology of the world, you often think about Silicon Valley, which is where all the movers and the shakers work, But what keeps the valley going and what are they looking for whenever it comes time for them to test a new technology? Here’s what you need to know about the technological evolution of Silicon Valley!

Blockchain and the entertainment industry

While you might think of cryptocurrency whenever you hear the word Blockchain, that’s not all it is used for. Plenty of other fields can benefit from having their information both transparent and easily stored. The network also allows for goods to be passed back and forth directly between two parties. Additionally, the funds or data inside can’t be removed, and they can be tracked by everyone on the chain.


Blockchain has been used in the entertainment industry as primarily an anti-piracy fighting tool. All of the data about a certain piece of entertainment, including when it was created, by whom, and all of the items related to IP, can be put on the blockchain. Then every usage of that content is recorded and the artist can track people or sites pirating the content. Blockchain is also used for online gaming and gambling platforms as well.


In Silicon Valley companies, they use blockchain for all sorts of data tracking. For example, many 3rd party websites such as Netflix and Hulu get paid every time someone signs up and joins a monthly plan. However many investors are trying to use blockchain to get the movies and content directly to the consumer. Using tokens would allow consumers to stop paying monthly fees, while movie companies could still track who was watching the content.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is what keeps ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in check concerning what they can do to their customers. For example, your ISP can’t control what you as a customer see and don’t see. They also can’t charge above a certain amount for access to the internet by government law.


Net Neutrality makes sure that everyone has access to the internet and makes sure the access isn’t controlled by anyone. There are untold benefits to having free and fast internet, and these laws allow for everyone to have that access. It doesn’t matter who they are, they should have the same opportunity to explore the world wide web.


The freedom of the internet is worth protecting. It is what made many Silicon Valley companies what they are. These companies started as little-known internet entrepreneurs, and now they are worth millions and are household names.


Finally, Net Neutrality also prevents ISPs from blocking websites from consumers. Instead, everything is free and able to be both controlled and used by the people. There are various laws being passed that could threaten those free rights to the Internet, and one of the major priorities of Silicon Valley is to protect those rights.

Making Things Personal

For many people on the internet, they want to see websites and items completely personalized to them and what they like. Silicon Valley startups are attempting to make this a reality by using analytics and data to anticipate the needs that customers have. With this data, the whole process will be focused on what the user wants.


This is why so many companies are making huge strides in predictive analytics and AI. These fields will help to predict the needs of customers, and then the AI can meet their needs quickly. Plus, if the entire experience is personalized, the customer is much more likely to engage with the process and make a sale.

The Priority Is Up In The Clouds

Cloud computing is another trend that Silicon Valley is attempting to push with all of its new technology. Cloud computing is one of the most adapted standards for technology and businesses. Many tech startups are focusing heavily on getting cloud services out the door for their products.


There are two goals that come with putting everything in the cloud. The first is that people and businesses will more easily be able to find and store files. Also, the entire experience on the cloud should (once again) be fully personalized to the consumer.


Cloud computing works well with the fields of AI and big data. So you can bet that these three fields are going to be the priorities of most big tech startups moving forward.

Silicon Valley Won’t Stop Evolving

Silicon Valley is going to continue to evolve as technology continues to move toward the future. Whether they are enhancing old processes with new technology or creating entirely new things, they will continue prioritizing and following trends. If you like to follow technology, then it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.