new Garmin Quatix 7 Pro AMOLED

Garmin quatix 7 Pro AMOLEDGarmin Quatix 7 Pro AMOLED

The Garmin QUATIX range of watches is for marine usage – if you are a ship/yacht/boat captain then this is the one for you. The 47mm Quatix 7 Pro is a top-of-the-range watch from Garmin and based on the highly successful Epix PRO and thus is an AMOLED-screen version of the Fenix 7 Pro. The vast array of onboard features of these watches are highly similar, the difference with the Quatix is that you get a few marine-specific additions…as you should for $1000.

The Garmin Quatix 7 Pro Smartwatch: Standout Marine Features

Here are the key features for marine use:

Autopilot Control

The Quatix 7 Pro can be connected to your chartplotter to control your boat’s autopilot. This feature allows you to change heading, engage pattern steering, and follow a GPS route from your wrist.

Fusion Audio System

The Quatix 7 Pro also features the built-in Fusion-Link audio app, which allows you to control your onboard entertainment system from your watch. This is a great way to change songs, adjust the volume, and more without having to get up from the helm.

Boat Data Streaming

The Quatix 7 Pro can stream data from your chartplotter directly to your wrist. This data can include water depth, engine RPM, wind, custom data, and more. This is a great way to keep an eye on important information without having to look at your chartplotter.

Alerts and Alarms

The Quatix 7 Pro can also receive alerts for imminent tide changes and anchor drag. This can help you to avoid potential problems and keep your boat safe.

Waypoint Marking

The Quatix 7 Pro can be used to mark waypoints on your chartplotter from anywhere on the boat. This is a great way to keep track of important locations and create routes.


The Quatix 7 Pro supports premier coastal charts featuring integrated Navionics® data (sold separately). It also supports freshwater maps of the U.S. featuring integrated Navionics data (sold separately).


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don’t ❌ upgrade, Garmin epix PRO adds very little

Techy Tidbits

The Epix Pro is an accurate sports watch and I would expect the Quatix 7 Pro to be similarly accurate.

Garmin makes several industry-specific variants of the Epix/Fenix, with the Epix being an AMOLED version of the Fenix. However, the current range of industry variants has subtle tech differences. Most notably others have an inferior optical HR module. This is NOT the case with Quatix 7 which boasts the latest generation 5 Elevate sensor.

Key Comparisons

There are no non-Garmin watches comparable to Quatix.

You might be tempted by an Apple Watch Ultra 2, which is an excellent smartwatch, perhaps even a better SMART watch. However, two things should deter you from buying that. 1. the battery life really is not anywhere near as good as Garmin, and the online specs are a little bit misleading and not comparable, you’ll either have to do the research or just trust me that Garmin is SIGNIFICANTLY better. 2. As a ship/yacht captain you will know the Apple Apps better than me. Garmin has the features you need pre-installed and able to work together, it’s precisely the opposite with Apple – you have to research a multitude of marine-specific apps and they won’t work together with each other.




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