Live Poker Etiquettes: The 4 Unwritten Rules You Must Follow


Live Poker Etiquettes: The 4 Unwritten Rules You Must Follow

When talking about casino games, Poker might be the first game to pop into every if not for slots. As the world of casinos has transitioned towards digitalization, Poker has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity. However, there are still many factors that many beginner and even expert players neglect.

Stepping into the arena of Poker entails a large set of etiquette that must be followed at all times. You won’t find these rules in casino guides, as these unwritten rules are etched only in every player’s mind and spectators.

Although online casino platforms are free from such rules to some extent, you still should get a general understanding of them to prevent trouble. Before we move on to enlisting the rules of live Poker, click here for a list of the best Aussie jackpot pokies to ensure safe and secure gameplay in the long run.

Now that you know the right platform, Let’s find out what rules you must remember.

Avoid String Betting

String betting is considered illegal around almost all poker tables. It is a well-known rule among all expert and professional gamblers; however, as a beginner player, you might be doing it without even being aware.

You must push the complete bet forward in one go when playing a live poker game. For instance, if you are playing a $2/$5 No-Limit Texas Hold ’em cash game, you look down at your pocket and want to open-raise to $30 preflop. You must push $30 chips in one forward motion to do it legally.

If you put one $5 chip on the betting line and, after some time, grab five more $5 chips to push forward, that is termed string betting. If it happens, the dealer would usually consider and declare the bet of $5.

This is why you must know the betting line rules before participating in the bet, as some rooms strictly enforce the betting line.

Don’t Grab and Run

The grab and run in Poker usually entails a player winning a jackpot and leaving the table shortly after. Although no concrete rule states this as a violation, this practice doesn’t come across as nice among the other players.

There is a complete psychology lying behind it. Other players have already lost their chips, and if you leave, they don’t get the chance to win them back. If you win a massive amount, stay around after the hand.

Grab and run is also detested since some players like to stack up the chips, leave the game and reenter with just the minimum buy-in. This particular practice is termed among casino players as ‘Ratholing.’

Whether it is ratholing or grab and run, both are considered unethical around the poker table. If you need to leave, give other players a heads-up and leave; it doesn’t hurt to explain a little.

Stay Attentive

Live poker games move at a much slower pace as compared to their counterpart online poker games. An average full-ring live game involves 25-30 hands per hour dealt.

The pace is already slow enough; if players don’t pay attention, it becomes nerve-wracking for some players. Staying focused on your texting or social media apps while playing the game is considered unethical.

Even though patience is key in live poker games, things can turn heated if one player stays distracted by their phone or any other activity. You don’t want to be the annoying player everyone detests, Do you?

Don’t Berate Other Players or Dealer

It is normal to get frustrated when an opponent turns over the best hand with questionable hole cards or when the dealer puts out a river card that deals you with a painful bad beat. However, berating is not the solution.

We all have encountered times when a player starts talking shit to the other players or dealers after being dealt with an improbable bad beat. But does that make you feel good? No, right! Dealers are humans, too and can make mistakes, but it is vital to keep calm and respectful towards others.

Sum Up

To sum it up, Poker is a complicated game of strategy and psychology. You need to be aware of common ethics and rules to ensure a smooth sailing game while maintaining a light vibe around the table.