Smart Home Black Friday: Eve Thermo Rad Valves (Matter, Homekit)

eve thermo valve converterSmart Home Black Friday: Eve Thermo Rad Valves (Thread/Matter, Homekit)

EVE Thermo Radiator valves work with Thread/MATTER and hence will now work with Apple or Google’s ecosystems plus many other home systems. *All* you need is a smartphone So that’s compatibility out of the way.

These rad valves can work on their own when your existing home heating system turns the heat on.

Q: Why is that different from a manual TRV?

A: One great way to use them is to create a digital heating ZONE in your house and that is WAY cheaper than replumbing your house and getting controllers for two physically piped zones. So if, for example, you work from home with EVE Thermo you could disable the upstairs zone throughout the day whilst you are kept warm in your downstairs office.

I already have a Google NEST thermostat. I spent ages researching this months ago and EVE was the best option I found. I bought a few of these at about GBP70 each and they have now dropped below GBP50 and that represents a decent price, probably the best you’ll get for another year.

There are only 2 Cons of any importance

  1. If you have old radiators you might have to get an adapter as there are a plethora of old valve size standards. Two adapters come in the box but they didn’t work on my 1990s radiators.
  2. It’s tricky to get the right temperature as the EVE Thermo measures it next to a radiator near the ground possibly also in the corner of a room. #Experimentation!

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More Info: EVE Thermo Review

EVE Thermo Review – 2nd Gen – 2023 smart TRV, works with THREAD (MATTER, 2023)





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