NPE Runn, CÔRD, WYÛR, STÎC | 35% Black Friday Discount

NPE Runn Review


35% Discount at NPE for Runn, CORD, WYUR and STIC


You will NOT get a bigger discount than here. This combines TWO discounts that work together for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday only.

Add my discount to the NPE Cyber Monday discount and both together give you 35% off (it does work if  you edit the cart before proceeding to checkout – see screen shot below)

The NPE Runn cyber Monday discount gets you 25% off from now, use the code THE5KRUNNER and get a further 10% off. Customers in the USA will get free shipping and international customers will get discounted shipping.


checkout needs to look like this



Add the 10% coupon code THE5KRUNNER at checkout.


the NPE Runn Review 2023 Update & Discount | Zwift Treadmill Sensor + Garmin

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3 thoughts on “NPE Runn, CÔRD, WYÛR, STÎC | 35% Black Friday Discount

  1. Do you still use the NPE Runn with Stryd? I see they now have a CIQ app that will transmit incline/grade to Garmin devices. I’m assuming this will not affect Stryd power numbers if also running the Stryd Zones data field at the same time (but I can dream).

  2. Have you tried the RunCline iOS app? It will connect to Stryd, HRMs, and some Smart Treadmills and will calculate incline adjusted power etc. The only problem is in order to get the fit file you have to manually upload to Garmin Connect.

    I’m awaiting an NPE runn to test but it’s supposed to grab incline % directly from the Runn as well.

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