PassPixi – It works ! (Cycling Safety tool)

I’m not sure if my bum looks big in this? Comments welcomed

Cycling Safety: PassPixi – It works!

TL;DR – It’s a sticker that warns drivers they’re being filmed when they overtake. It sticks to your pocket with a magnet.

Alright, I don’t usually record everyone passing by as a cyclist, but this inexpensive magnetic sticker I’ve got only led to one close call in about 10 hours of cycling in London and Surrey. That incident was with someone who probably couldn’t see beyond the front of their car. It’s evident that vehicle owners are generally concerned about the potential consequences of being caught doing something foolish on camera and having to deal with the police, so they tend to give you plenty of space.

The Garmin Varia RTL515 smart radar light is another great way to alert vehicle owners to your presence, but it doesn’t prevent all close passes.

Garmin Varia RTL515 Review plus RVR315 – brilliant & meh

This is ideal for any cyclist who wants to avoid dying. It’s money well spent, around £/$10. I’m definitely worth more than that.

There are other versions available that can be attached to panniers and saddlebags.


  • The two magnets are very strong, and you have to slide them apart instead of pulling them. At some point, I might accidentally pull them, causing one to detach from the sticker.
  • Do not put electronics next to the strong magnets
  • Although the magnets are strong, I sometimes struggle to clip them in place through thicker material. It’s more about me not doing it properly than the magnets not being strong enough. Either way, this is why I might lose it eventually.
  • The sticker is made of relatively rigid plastic, so I doubt I’ll accidentally toss it in the laundry.
  • My POC top, as shown in the picture above is on the short side. PassPixi probably works better with a slightly longer jacket/top.


I’m not affiliated with the company, and I don’t benefit if you get one. My ulterior motive is simply not wanting you to die so as to keep up the site’s readership!

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10 thoughts on “PassPixi – It works ! (Cycling Safety tool)

  1. Views on wearing it if you don’t have a camera (I don’t yet)? Is there a risk that drivers start disbelieving the signs?

    1. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I see it !
      Honestly that was the first time I realised.
      All these times that I try to be funny and my best moment was wholly accidental
      Lots of people have clicked to passpixi’s site so hopefully there is some meat here beyond the funny picture.

  2. I have such a sign and also cameras front and rear. The sign makes a massive difference to the behaviour of car drivers. The cameras have resulted in the prosecution of 5 car drivers that made dangerous closes passes.

    1. the PassPixi site makes the point that drivers cant see a rear-facing camera but absolutely can see the sign.

      another point: my understanding is that ofr video camera evidence to be admissable in court (criminal level?) then you might need a sign like this to warn people you are recording (lord know why, but I believe that was the case i nthe UK at least last year and so I assume still the case)

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