Garmin wins “Best Sports & Fitness Category” award at CES2024 plus 5 more awards

Garmin epix Pro review gen 2Garmin wins “Best Sports & Fitness” award

Garmin is known for its technology products and has just added 6 prestigious CES 2024 Innovation Awards to its trophy showcase. These awards recognize outstanding design and engineering in various consumer technology product categories. The honoured products include the Venu 3 smartwatch, the Epix Pro smartwatch, and the MARQ Golfer—Carbon Edition with the first of those (Venu) being a category winner

Here’s a breakdown of the award-winning products:

Venu 3 Smartwatch

Best of Innovation Winner; Sports & Fitness Category Honoree; Accessibility Category Honoree

Venu 3 added wheelchair-specific features earlier this year, specifically to keep track of daily wheelchair pushes and alerts about weight shifts. Also included were special sports apps and workouts tailored for wheelchair users. Then, to make these features more meaningful for wheelchair users, certain existing features’ algorithms were tailored to wheelchair users.

epix Pro & MARQ Golfer-Carbon Smartwatches

Two Wearable Technologies Category Honorees

Take Out

These are all great smartwatches and it’s great that a large company like Garmin devotes the resources to accessibility features where others don’t.

How much these awards mean is another matter entirely. I suspect being an exhibitor at CES2024 helps to win an award there.



Garmin plans to showcase these award-winning products at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. Why is Garmin descent MK2/ MK3 not solar powered. Will in near future the also like MK1 be. So wait , don’t buy MK1

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