new Apple SPORTS Journal?

new Apple SPORTS Journal?

Apple just introduced a new app for iOS/iPhones called Journal. Essentially, it’s like a digital version of a paper journal. But here’s the interesting part: it’s not just any journal; it’s designed to also be great for documenting sports or other activities.

What sets it apart? Well, it connects with both Apple FITNESS and Apple PHOTOS. So, when you write in your journal, it uses data from these apps as prompts. For example, I added an image of my Sunday bike ride, showing the route. Surprisingly, it even picked up part of my dog walk from this morning, even though I didn’t actively record it. If I had taken photos during the activities, I could use them as memory prompts while jotting down thoughts or insights in my journal.





the journal seems to be a private tool with an additional layer of security should you need it


Take Out

I’m not entirely sure this is my thing, but I reckon someone out there will love it.

Platforms like Strava let you share your workout thoughts socially, but Apple Journal is taking a more personal approach—it’s all about you, like an actual journal.

It might work well as a training diary for those who like adding detailed notes to their activities. What’s already in Fitness would be enough for me to use as an activity log.

Oh well, I just thought I’d mention it. Along a similar vein of re-purposing standard Apple features for sports usage, you can use also Apple MEDICATION reminders as a way to plan supplement intake over extended periods or leading up to a race.

Apple Watch – Track Sports Supplements, Vitamins & Medications





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