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Sad news from Down Under with the closure of Today’s Plan, a pro-level, digital training platform that has been operating for 8 years under Specialized ownership. The closure will take effect on March 12, 2024 and you should extract any of your data before that date.

Other Key Points

  • You should be reimbursed proportionately for unused subscription months
  • Customer services can assist until February 2024


Perhaps the most similar alternative for training plan platforms that are highly integrated with the likes of Garmin are Final Surge and Training Peaks.

An interesting one to research (that I use) is Xert by Baron Biosys

If you want free analysis tools then Intervals.ICU or Golden Cheetah are the ones to go for and both have advanced analyses. I use Golden Cheetah and haven’t used Intervals.ICU tho many others speak very highly of it.




Today’s Plan added new coaching features to its platform as recently as 11 October 2023. Clearly, activity which appears to indicate stability and development is no guarantee of financial security behind the scenes.

Sadly, there is more of this to come.

We know that much of the bike industry is in turmoil with high levels of overstocking and dampened demand. Some small bike stores I’ve spoken to have painted mixed pictures – my local store (Sigma) sold many tens of Specialized SL8 bikes in the first week and couldn’t keep up with demand, yet other stores speak of high-end trainers that they can’t sell. Others claim that high-end bike sales are mostly unaffected and others say that they can’t get enough sub £3,000 bikes to keep up with demand from the UK’s Cycle to Work Scheme (I’m not so sure about the last claim!).

Fears that Wiggle will be fire-selling its stock haven’t yet materialized… which could have crashed demand elsewhere. That company appears to have completely retrenched back to the UK.

Question: Will digital services like Today’s Plan be the next to suffer as we cut back our spending? Are Strava and Training Peaks OK (I would have thought they would be OK but suffering from lower incomes)

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5 thoughts on “Today’s Plan CLOSURE

  1. Looked at it and for that price Mats is not really an option to me compared to already long-existing and newer solutions mentioned in the article.
    They have the same pricing as the big players which are much longer on the market and,of course, they do it all better. is proven and for free just to name an example

  2. This also affects Stages and the “Stages Link” (which ties to Todays’ Plan), so that should be mentioned as that was the primary analytics engine AND route builder tie-in for Stages Dash products.
    Stages are at this point indicating they are working on extending their native app to restore lost functionality, but no telling how/when/if this will occur or if they’ll have any of this (in particular the routing) in place by March 12th, hopefully they will though (as a Stages user myself).

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