TrainingPeaks + Apple Watch | How to link and execute your structured workouts

TrainingPeaks + Apple Watch | How to link and execute your structured workouts

This is a super-quick overview of how to link your TrainingPeaks plans and workouts to your Apple Watch. On your Apple Watch you execute the workouts with the standard Apple Workout app.


Step 1: Link the TrainingPeak App on your iPhone to

Check that your iPhone, Apple Watch and TrainingPeaks app are all on the latest software.

When you go into the TrainingPeaks app there are a few screens where you can make all the connections and turn all the various bits and pieces on. You can do it all from within the TrainingPeaks app. In the second image, below, it’s not obvious but you can click on various parts of the screen to set up the Workout app and Apple Health.



That’s Pretty much it!

Step 2: Check you have planned workouts

In your TrainingPeaks app, you should see your planned workouts for the day. A week’s worth of workouts should also be on the app.


Training peaks workouts and plans on apple watch


You can now leave the TrainingPeaks app. There is no TrainingPeaks app to install on the Apple Watch


Step 3: Go for a run/ride

It’s only run/ride workouts for now. Just go to the standard Apple Workout app and you will be prompted to get going. It just so happens that today I have two cycling workouts planned.

Clicking the three dots ‘…’ gives more information on what you are about to let yourself in for! and there is a recently added option to let you execute the workout indoors or outdoors.


When you start the workout you will see a familiar set of screens. Although there are a few new tweaks that include progress messages and the ability to skip steps or completely stop. This is all Apple functionality and has nothing to do with TrainingPeaks. There are a few ommissions and improvements that Apple will need to make but it’s a good start.

It’s worth pointing out here that you should get automatically alerted if you overstep the prescribed efforts defined in the workout.

Remember also that the Apple Watch doesn’t support the FTMS protocol so won’t be able to control the resistance levels on your smart trainer.

Step 4: Marvel at your accomplishments in Apple fitness

There are some relatively minor changes to Apple Fitness back on your iPhone that show some of the details of your completed workout. Notably, each stage of the workout is separately highlighted.


You will already have linked Apple with the online sports platform, so your completed workout will automatically be synced back to TrainingPeaks.

Take Out

If you’re already familiar with the Apple Watch Workout app, you’re well-placed to elevate your training with professional plans from TrainingPeaks or Final Surge. Other companies will likely integrate with Apple for workout compatibility soon.

If you prefer designing your plans and structured workouts, you have the option to do so. Even with a free TrainingPeaks account, you can create and schedule structured workouts on your Apple Watch for today and tomorrow (limited to these two days). The free personal library allows up to 5 workouts. Final Surge provides a better free alternative, allowing you to build and store a larger catalogue of workouts. While both companies encourage subscriptions and plan purchases, Final Surge has a straightforward approach—they only charge for the plans, and everything else is free – that’s a great approach; give them a try first rather than TrainingPeaks.

Apple needs to address some issues to be taken more seriously by athletes using the Watch Ultra. Supporting FTMS trainer control and enhancing the range of metrics displayed in the Workout app are essential improvements.

Though few athletes would likely switch from Garmin/Wahoo to Apple, the significant number of run-of-the-mill Apple Watch users aspiring for more serious training will find an exciting new feature here. It’s a great addition that they will appreciate; it significantly enhances their overall sporting experience.

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