[First Photos] Garmin HRM-Fit

Garmin HRM-FIT
Garmin HRM-FIT

Garmin HRM-Fit

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The Garmin HRM-Fit heart rate monitor is designed specifically for women. It comfortably attaches to most sports bras using three flexible clips to get an accurate reading of your heart rate during workouts.

The device transmits your real-time heart rate and other fitness metrics like vertical motion and stride length to compatible Garmin devices and apps. You can see this data on your watch during exercise.

The battery has an impressive life of up to one year from a single coin cell battery (CR2032). It’s also water resistant so you can work out in the rain or sweat without worrying about damage.

Garmin HRM-FIT – Opinion

Setup is simple and like other HRMs – just turn on your Garmin watch and the HRM-Fit will automatically connect. Changing the battery is tool-free for convenience and corrects design faults in Garmin’s HRM-PRO.

It’s optimized to monitor dynamic workouts and track your fitness progress over both short intense sessions and longer endurance activities. If you’re a woman seeking an accurate heart rate monitor, this Garmin model is designed for maximum comfort and performance.

Price: $149



The Garmin HRM-FIT has been leaked and trailed for some months. The exact details were not known until I received them yesterday but a registered patent from mid-2023 did describe the product we see today, so I guess that was a hint! The launch will be on Tuesday 9th January alongside Garmin Lily 2, also a product targeted at women.

Those of us who were hoping instead for an optical armband will be disappointed.

The product appears unique and if it is accurate and easy to attach it will sell in large numbers. The great thing going for the product is its one size fits all design. If a design had to be made for every cup size it would make production and stocking a nightmare. Not so with this design.

Thought: I’m wondering if this will clip to another HRM to enable dual readings. I’m thinking out loud on this as I’m testing the Fourth Frontier X2 ECG strap at the moment.




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8 thoughts on “[First Photos] Garmin HRM-Fit

  1. I was hoping for a Whoop competitor as I wanted to stay in the Garmin ecosystem (and my Vivosmart4 is looking tired).

    Guess I’m still waiting for that whoop5 to appear…

  2. 149 bucks?! While their MSRP for the HRM Pro Plus is 139 bucks?!
    I am having a coughing fit from laughing here.

    What’s the USP that justifies that pricing over the HRM Pro Plus?

    It’s not like female hobbyists and pro athletes just now emerged out of nowhere. They did make do with regular chest straps and optical ones like the OH1, Verity Sense until now.

    Or are Garmin hoping to cash in on all the good intentions for a new year where all the people get themselves the newest kit to do sports but stop doing so come febuary?

    We will see how fast the retail prices will drop and to what level. The HRM Pro Plus is at roughly at 100€ right now. I’d say the Fit’s price needs to be lower than that.

    Sunnto, Polar, Coros, Wahoo? Any of you wanna do a 24/7 device that’s less obstructive to wear than a watch, lets say a ring for example and cash in on all the people not liking to wear their watches all the time but still want the metrics? It doesn’t even have to be a stand-alone product like Oura or Whoop but rather a 24/7 sensor that needs pairing to an acutal watch.

    Well here’s to hoping. Garmin however never ceases to amaze with their pricing.

  3. Echoing the prior comments, I’ve given up on Garmin releasing a wearable and spent some leftover FSA dollars on an Oura last week.

    tfk – Would be interested in a post on Oura use, similar to your 965 tips/tricks one. I think I recall you’ve been a user for awhile? Apologies if i’m mistaken.

    1. ?
      I thought men HAVE to have a wide and mostly unused selection of tools? I would expect a power drill is de rigeur for garmin chest strap maintenance. silly little levers on battery covers are for whimps. 😉

      PS: I bet my toolbox is bigger than y ours

      lol !

  4. As a female shaped person who can’t comfortably wear a standard chest strap and sports bra, I’ve been asking for something like this to exist for years!

    Not wildly excited by the RRP, but who buys anything at RRP?!

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