Garmin 965 & 955 get SLEEP COACH, lap UNDO, auto transition, and more Running Tracks in latest update v18.12

Garmin 965/955 finally get SLEEP COACH widget in the latest update


Added today:

  • Adds Auto Activity Detect transition for multisport profiles.
  • Adds Lap Undo (more here)
  • Adds Sleep Coach glance (below)
  • Adds database of 400m running tracks all over the world.
  • Adds Jump Rope activity profile.

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I covered in a post a while back why Garmin’s new SLEEP COACH was somewhat of a dubious feature, actually what I wrote is pretty damming I’d say. The people I speak to about these things pretty much agree and they’re some of the people who advise the tech companies!

Anyway, a sleep coach is a seemingly nice feature to have and is one of the areas where WHOOP initially took the lead on its recovery and coaching platform. Garmin followed suit in September 2023 and in the latest round of early beta software has today made it available to the Forerunner 965. If you want to try it out you will have to enrol in the beta and also probably have to request this early beta manually on your watch (that’s what I did to get v18.12 on the FR965).


Garmin Sleep Coach – An Explainer


How Garmin Sleep Coach Works

Garmin uses these five factors: age, daily and longer-term activity levels, recent sleep history, naps taken, and heart rate variability (HRV). Some algorithmic “magic sauce” is applied (ie it’s made up), and an adjustment factor is applied to your generic personal sleep need. For example, your normal need could be 8 hours, but that marathon you raced today bumped it up by 30 minutes.

The initial calculation happens in the morning and is adjusted based on your activity and naps during the day. The recommended amount of sleep should always be between 7 and 9 hours a day. Garmin goes as far as to say that if you need more sleep, it should come from naps.


Garmin Lap Undo

Also added in v18.12 is the lap undo feature. More here…

new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work? Pointless?

Garmin Auto-Transition

Also added is auto-transition which automatically advances you to the next transition or sport in a GPS-enabled multisport profile. It didn’t work too well for me though on first testing

Garmin Auto Activity Detect Transition for multisport profiles – how does it work?

Garmin HRM-FIT – Opinion

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6 thoughts on “Garmin 965 & 955 get SLEEP COACH, lap UNDO, auto transition, and more Running Tracks in latest update v18.12

  1. Curious about the running tracks. Is it supposed to work like the Apple Watch and identify we are at a track?

    1. it’s just the internationalisation of an existing USA-only(ish) feature I believe. i could be wrong
      it would be interesting to find out if the two companies use the same database or have created the info themselves

  2. I noticed that pictures send via WhatsApp now display on the watch as opposed to an incon saying ‘photo’ previously.

      1. Android, it was supposed to work already with the previous release but being Garmin it of course didn’t.

    1. I spoke too soon, it only worked once & has stopped again. Oh well not exactly a deal-breaker but I’d prefer if it didn’t tease me by working once!

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